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VA02 Republican Nominee Jen Kiggans Will Never Be Honest With Coastal Virginians

Instead, Kiggans "will do or say anything to get elected."


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Jen Kiggans Will Never be Honest With Coastal Virginians

Richmond, VA – Tuesday night, amid disappointing primary turnout, Republicans nominated craven political opportunist Jen Kiggans to challenge Representative Elaine Luria in November. Kiggans abandoned all morals and logic when vying for the Republican nomination. She took a hard right turn and aligned herself with ultra-MAGA conspiracy theories and anti-reproductive health care policies to secure the nomination.

One thing is clear, Jen Kiggans is a wishy-washy political opportunist who will do or say anything to get elected.

Kiggans’ political ambitions come before anything — even if that means she has to undermine America’s democracy. She embraced false election conspiracy theories and was one of only four state Senators who voted for a $70 million taxpayer dollars audit of the 2020 election. She even repeatedly refused to say who won the 2020 presidential election, supported a slew of “election integrity” bills that were aimed at restricting the right to vote, and refused to censure conspiracy theorist Amanda Chase for saying the Capitol insurrectionists were “patriots.”

Kiggans has also made ending access to safe, legal abortion a core motivation to run for office. Her long record of anti-abortion extremism is a danger to women across the Commonwealth. Most recently she voted for a vile anti-abortion amendment aimed to restrict crucial funds for reproductive health care that will disproportionately impact low-income Virginians, promoted false claims about “infanticide,” and consistently voted against legislation to expand access to reproductive health care.

“If Costal Virginians are looking for a spineless political opportunist who will toss out their vote and restrict women’s reproductive rights, then they have found their candidate,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “It is disturbing to see Kiggans throw away any sense of moral responsibility to win a handful of votes. Her record of supporting false claims of election fraud and stripping women of their right to reproductive health care should be a concern to all Virginians and disqualify her from office.”


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