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DPNM and DPVA: Ronchetti and Youngkin Team Up Against Abortion Access

Ronchetti's an NRA-endorsed candidate who brags that he's a “proud conservative who supports President Trump”


The following press release is from the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Democratic Party of New Mexico. For more background, see Next Stop, New Mexico! Youngkin to Campaign for NRA-Endorsed Gov Candidate Whose “goal would be to end abortion in New Mexico” and Who Describes Himself as a “proud conservative who supports President Trump” (Ronchetti’s also hostile to public education, falsely claimed “climate change doesn’t cause fires,” etc.).

DPNM and DPVA: Ronchetti and Youngkin Team Up Against Abortion Access

Ronchetti Brings Virginia Governor’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Efforts to New Mexico 

Today, Virginia voters issued a warning to New Mexico voters as extreme Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin campaigns in New Mexico with GOP Nominee for Governor Mark Ronchetti. Youngkin is following through on “going on offense” to ban abortion in Virginia and the rest of the country, and his latest stop is with Mark “Opposes Abortion At All Stages” Ronchetti in New Mexico.

When the U.S. Supreme Court was overturning Roe vs. Wade, both Youngkin and Ronchetti celebrated women across the country losing their right to make their own health care decisions. Youngkin then wasted no time proclaiming he will “happily and gleefully” sign a bill to ban abortion in Virginia. Ronchetti himself has released multiple plans to ban abortion in New Mexico, his latest being an extreme constitutional amendment that could end abortion in the state.

By campaigning with MAGA Governors Youngkin, Ron DeSantis and Doug Doucey, Ronchetti is being loud and clear that he will always put the extreme Republican base above everyday New Mexicans. Virginia voters can confirm—they saw it there first.

“Governor Youngkin’s and Mark Ronchetti’s anti-abortion agenda is a danger to women across Virginia and New Mexico,” said Democratic Party of Virginia Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “As governor, Youngkin is attempting to rip away a woman’s fundamental right to make decisions about her own body – even going as far as saying he’ll ‘gleefully’ sign any abortion ban that hits his desk. Don’t let Ronchetti do the same thing.”

“New Mexico voters must heed Virginia’s warning — Youngkin has gleefully put the MAGA GOP base above Virginians, promising an extremist abortion ban that voters strongly oppose. Unless we stop him, Mark Ronchetti will do the exact same thing in New Mexico,” said Daniel Garcia, Communications Director for the New Mexico Democratic Party. “Mark Ronchetti’s extremist out of state support shows how out of step he is with New Mexicans. Ronchetti and Youngkin are two peas in a pod when it comes to anti-abortion political extremism.”



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