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ICYMI: Yesli Vega’s Fellow Co-Chair of “Latinos for Youngkin” Slams Her Candidacy

"In Recent Column, Mr. Daniel Cortez Calls Out Vega’s Nonstop Hypocrisy"


From Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07)’s reelection campaign:

ICYMI: Yesli Vega’s Fellow Co-Chair of “Latinos for Youngkin” Slams Her Candidacy

In Recent Column, Mr. Daniel Cortez Calls Out Vega’s Nonstop Hypocrisy 

FREDERICKSBURG, VA — The Honorable Daniel Cortez —  an independent voter, Vietnam veteran who was wounded and decorated for extraordinary heroism, former Commissioner on the President’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity, and Co-Chair of Latinos for Youngkin — slammed fellow Co-Chair of Latinos for Youngkin Yesli Vega in a recent op-ed published in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

In the op-ed, Cortez questions the legitimacy of Vega’s claim that she was sworn in to President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Hipsanic Prosperity – a membership Vega at one point touted on her Twitter page yet abruptly deleted soon after winning the Republican primary.

Additionally, Cortez slams the hypocrisy behind Vega’s lie during the primary that she would not back Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House if Republicans gain control of Congress. Recently, Vega endorsed McCarthy for the Speakership.

Cortez also bashed Vega’s desire for a nationwide ban on abortion and her promise to shut down the government, simply because she doesn’t agree with the administration in charge.

And in a new statement sent to the Spanberger campaign, Cortez stated:

“I remain greatly disappointed in Vega’s failure to debate before the Fredericksburg community, respond to media — period, and even return my simple communication to put to rest the Commission issue. I remain appreciative of Abigail Spanberger’s courtesy, demonstrated bipartisan experience, outreach, and transparency.”

His full column can be found here: Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star: Daniel Cortez: Will integrity count on Election Day?

Below are highlights from Cortez’s op-ed:

  • As Election Day nears, integrity and ethics should be the focal point for every elected office.
  • However, constant debate over political candor stymies citizens when party leaders irresponsibly encourage their rank and file to vote Republican or Democratic regardless of their candidate’s words and actions.
  • In July, [Vega’s] Twitter page stated she was a Trump presidential appointee. After her primary victory, she removed the tweet. And she has yet to provide positive proof she was actually sworn in and seated as a member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity. Nationally, 18 other legally sworn-in members, like myself, have provided that proof.
  • Some false claims of military achievement, or stolen valor are illegal. Should political candidates get a pass for misrepresenting political honor?
  • In April, Vega stated: “I would not vote for Kevin McCarthy.” But in September, she said he’s earned her support and then begged for his fundraising help at a Northern Virginia function. Is that just typical politics?
  • Vega’s desires to shut down government, and question women’s reproductive rights, is alarming to many.
  • To a great many independent voters, government officials have no business interfering with the private medical concerns between a man or woman of legal age and their physicians.
  • It’s hard to determine what Vega really would do as a member of Congress. Does she support the actions of State Sen. Bryce Reeves’s proposed legislation to deny educational benefits to all of Virginia’s undocumented population? Even “Dreamers,” whose parents we abused during the Bracero program?
  • Her legislative vision remains in question, and she refuses to substantively debate Democratic incumbent Abigail Spanberger on these issues.
  • The price of fuel, food, and education remain genuine kitchen table concerns. It made a difference to 28% of Virginia’s independent voters, and 11% of the Hispanics who voted for Youngkin in November. Vega should remember—we were co-chairs of the Latinos for Youngkin coalition. She as a Republican, and I as an independent voter, promoted integrity and outreach. At least, we did then.
  • To me, Vega’s refusal to debate Spanberger in Fredericksburg demonstrates fear of having her political naiveté exposed, thereby potentially affecting the large numbers of local voters who would be affected in Virginia if she helps shut down government.
  • Voters shouldn’t accept inexperience and misrepresentation. Perhaps ranked choice voting is the answer to elect candidates with genuine character in the future.
  • [S]hameless liars remain a reflection not just on them, but us, by keeping voters politically cuckolded.
  • Seek those with a demonstrated bipartisan history in our political sea of deception by voting the person, not the party.


Spanberger is ranked the most bipartisan Member of Congress from Virginia and one of the most bipartisan Members of Congress overall.

Spanberger was recently endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


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