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NEW: Yesli Vega Commits to Stripping Coverage for Virginians with Pre-Existing Conditions

"Vega Pledged to 'Defund' the Affordable Care Act without Any Replacement"


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NEW: Yesli Vega Commits to Stripping Coverage for Virginians with Pre-Existing Conditions

In a March 2022 Candidate Survey, Vega Pledged to “Defund” the Affordable Care Act without Any Replacement  

FREDERICKSBURG, VA — A newly obtained survey sheds light on Yesli Vega’s support for taking away healthcare coverage from Virginians — including thousands in the Seventh District with pre-existing conditions.

When asked if she would “support defunding Obamacare, not replacing it,” Vega said she would “sponsor legislation” to do so.

More than 3.5 million Virginians — including more than 400,000 children — have a pre-existing condition. This law guarantees that those with pre-existing conditions — such as diabetes, asthma, and cancer — cannot be denied insurance coverage.

This survey makes clear Vega’s commitment to stripping away healthcare coverage and increasing costs for Virginia families.

“The previous administration tried and failed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act — which provided coverage to thousands of Virginians during the darkest days of the pandemic. Repealing the existing healthcare law would jeopardize the health of Virginia families, cripple Medicaid expansion in Virginia, damage our Commonwealth’s response to the opioid crisis, and increase healthcare costs on all Virginia families and small businesses,” said Spanberger. “But my opponent has not only promised to repeal this law — she has actually pledged to repeal it without any replacement. Virginians have already rejected this reckless idea, and my opponent’s failure to grasp the importance of the ACA to our communities reiterates that she has no plan whatsoever to lower healthcare costs for our neighbors.”

Yesli Vega routinely stands against popular healthcare positions. Vega has said she would vote to “REPEAL” provisions that give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices, cap insulin copays at $35 for seniors, and cap out-of-pocket prescription drug costs at $2,000 per year for Medicare beneficiaries.


Since taking office, Spanberger has repeatedly sought to stabilize the Affordable Care Act and protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. She is an original cosponsor of the Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions and Making Health Care More Affordable Act, which would save Virginians thousands of dollars a year on their health insurance premiums.

Additionally, Spanberger has long stood up to big pharmaceutical companies and worked to give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices, including through her vote for the Inflation Reduction Act.


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