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Glenn Youngkin and His Elections Commissioner Susan Beals “Going Full MAGA,” Pull Virginia Out of Crucial Multistate Voter Information Partnership (“ERIC”)


This is coimpletely bonkers – “full MAGA,” as Del. Marcus Simon says.

Virginia on Thursday became the latest Republican-led state to withdraw from a multistate partnership that until early 2022 was considered a widely trusted, bipartisan effort to share voter information.

The move makes Virginia the eighth state to leave the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, amid fringe conservative media reports and conspiracy theories attempting to connect the group to liberal donors and activists.

Virginia’s departure is notable because the state was a founding member of the compact in 2012, under former GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell.

As Del. Marcus Simon says, Glenn Youngkin and his commissioner of elections, Susan Beals (a former legislative aide to “Big Lie” conspiracy theorist Amanda Chase!) are “going full MAGA” with this move.

“This was to prevent all the things that you Republicans say could happen — people voting across state lines or voting in more than one state,” Simon said. “It’s data driven. And it’s science based. And apparently, we’re leaving, because somebody in the administration wants to align themselves with these MAGA Republicans that believe the election was stolen.”

So yeah, this is completely bonkers, damaging and counterproductive. Also, any journalist who called Youngkin a “moderate” back in 2021 should resign or be fired immediately, because they were completely imcompetent then, and in most cases, there’s no sign they’ve gotten any better now…


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