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Audio: Far-Right VA Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Threatens “Serious Write-In Campaign, Similar to Nick Freitas'” Against SD12 GOP Nominee Glen Sturtevant This Fall

Chase: "I would argue that Glen Sturtevant is the Democrat [sic] candidate...the uniparty's choice"


Insurrectionist/extremist VA State Senator Amanda Chase (R-SD12) was on right-wing talk radio (“Richmond’s Morning News with John Reid”) this morning, talking about how she’s seriously considering a run as a write-in candidate against the Glen Sturtevant, the Republican nominee who Chase narrowly lost to on 6/20. See below for a transcript and audio.

“People want accountability…I am that bold leader; I’m not going to just walk away from this. I’ve already got people saying…I’m going to write your name in. I’ve had some people to say I’m going to vote for the Democrat. I’m like, well don’t vote for the Democrat. I would argue that Glen Sturtevant is the Democrat [sic] candidate; he’s the one that the Democrats got behind in the primary, because they don’t have a serious Democrat [sic] candidate that’s running; it’s a no-name person, Hashmi left the seat. So I don’t think we have to fear losing that seat to a Democrat. I would argue that this is the uniparty’s choice. And so you know, the people are going to do what the people are going to do. I will tell you this, though. If I do decide – and we’re giving it a week, I’m gonna go away clear my head, come back hopefully I have some people that reach out to them and we’ll go from there – but I will not rule it out. And I will say this – if I run a write-in campaign, you will see a four-by-eight every square inch of Chesterfield and Colonial Heights that says ‘write in Amanda Chase November 7th’. It will be a serious write-in campaign, similar to Nick Freitas’ where he was successful with his write-in campaign. I don’t ever do anything half heartedly, and if I do it, I will do it all the way.”

By the way, this State Senate district is certainly “red” (e.g., Glenn Youngkin won it by 14.1 points over Terry McAuliffe in 2021), but if Amanda Chase really were to run a serious write-in campaign and get into the 15%-20% range (presumably drawing all from Republican nominee GlennSturtevant), then it’s certainly possible the Democratic nominee, Natan McKenzie, could win. So let’s all hope Chase does just that – go AmanDUH! 🙂



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