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Video: On “Morning Joe,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Says What Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) Is Doing Re: Holding Up Military Promotions Is “absolutely unthinkable and irresponsible,” “dangerous to our nation”

Joe Scarborough: This is happening because of "one Republican senator and a lot of other Republicans who are letting him do this"


On “Morning Joe” earlier this morning, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) had some interesting things to say.  See below for video and highlights.

  • Asked, “What is your assessment of the damage done already and the potential damage ahead if these this one-man blockade of military promotions continues,” Rep. Spanberger responded, “Well I represent Quantico….thousands of members of the U.S Marine Corps, thousands of active duty service members as well as tens of thousands of veterans across Virginia’s Seventh District, and what this one Senator is doing and has been able to do is just absolutely unthinkable and irresponsible…the fact that we have military leaders mitigating the challenges posed by one single Senator, when we have challenges that they should be mitigated in the form of our adversaries throughout the world that they should be planning they should be ensuring our military readiness and they’re mitigating the challenges created by one man is unbelievable to me. It’s irresponsible, it’s outrageous and it needs to stop; it is dangerous to our nation and to our readiness.”
  • Asked about the “abusive blue slip” in the Senate, Spanberger said “there needs to be action taken…the fact that we have now for months just accepted that this one-man show can impact our military readiness, can keep promotions from happening, can ensure that we do not have the chosen leaders in positions across the country and across the world leading our armed services, is just not acceptable. And the fact that this is how the Senate is functioning or not functioning at the moment needs to change...what Sen. Tuberville is doing is damaging and actions need to be taken to show that that’s just not an appropriate use of of Senate time or the rules of the Senate.”
  • Also: “…the military recognizes the health care needs of family members and wants to be able to provide for a family unit. The real challenges – and what I’m hearing from constituents, a true circumstance – a military member looking at getting promoted, they know they’re going out to a top position in another state, their family including kids who are going to be enrolling in new high schools, everyone is waiting to move states away to begin their new life as the parent is about to undertake command of a…noteworthy location. And now instead the family is assuming they might just stay in the DC area for a bit longer and just wait in a holding pattern because the promotion and this transfer is on hold indefinitely. And so that’s the impact; it’s a readiness issue, but the families that day in and day out sacrifice for their military service member loved ones – through moving, through changing schools, young kids – all of that is getting disrupted. In addition to the disservice that in this case young Marines are seeing, when at the top of the Marine Corps the commandant position is unfilled because of a one-man show in the Senate. It is just outrageous and our military members deserve more.”


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