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“Hardworking Virginians Won Today”: VA House Democratic Caucus Leaders Comment on Budget Victory

Arlington Dems: "Glenn Youngkin wanted big tax cuts for the rich instead"


From the VA House Democratic Caucus:


Richmond, VA – Today, the House and Senate budget conferees announced that they have come to an agreement. Following weeks of intense negotiations, the Democratic negotiators claimed victory for hardworking Virginians over corporate interests. The final budget will ensure that we put hardworking Virginians not profitable corporations first. While House Republicans and Governor Youngkin fought for corporate giveaways, Democrats stayed at the negotiating table until we ensured that Virginia families will receive up to $400 in one-time tax rebates and an increase in the standard deduction, as well as reinstated the sales tax holiday. This budget also takes an important step for Virginia’s veterans by eliminating the age requirement for military retirees to exempt $40,000 of their retirement pay currently being phased in, putting more money in the hands of the Commonwealth’s veterans.

Last session, every House Republican voted in favor of a budget bill that would have provided tax cuts for profitable corporations, rather than prioritizing our public schools and putting money back into the pockets of hardworking everyday Virginians. House Democrats believe that Virginia’s families are the engine of our state’s economy, and investing in lowering costs of everyday expenses and funding our public schools works to ensure the future of our Commonwealth.

“The right course of action won today,” said House Democratic Caucus Leader Don Scott. “With their irresponsible demands for corporate tax cuts, the Governor and the MAGA Republicans in the House almost derailed the entire budget process. Luckily, Democrats stood strong and we were able to make them come back to the table to take care of our priorities right now. As one of 11 veterans on our slate of candidates this cycle, I am incredibly proud that Democrats were able to deliver for Virginia’s veterans. This budget invests in our kids, not corporations, taking the Commonwealth forward, and not backwards like the VA GOP are attempting to do.”

“The negotiators did the right thing today by choosing to invest in our children’s futures. The result of these negotiations will mean relief for hardworking Virginians across the Commonwealth. It’s what Democrats have stood for and will continue to fight for in the coming months,” said House Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring.

“Today was a big win for Virginians who work hard and expect their government to work hard for them in return,” said budget conferee Delegate Mark Sickles. “In addition to immediate middle class tax relief, millions of dollars will be invested in K-12 education, teacher pay, secondary education, mental health and workforce training, and health care premiums will continue to be affordable for Virginians. While any budget is a result of give and take between the House and Senate, and between Democrats and Republicans, Delegate Torian and I did our best to ensure that Virginians, and especially our military retirees, received the tax relief they need and deserve without jeopardizing future generations.”


The Virginia House Democratic Caucus is running a dynamic slate of smart, accomplished and trusted candidates who reflect the diversity and the culture of the Commonwealth. To learn more about our slate of candidates, visit the House Democratic Caucus website.


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