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Video: VA House Dems Launch Ads to Protect Abortion Rights from MAGA Extremists

"On the heels of GOP candidate recorded touting support for 'a 100% ban'"


From the VA House Democratic Caucus:


On the heels of GOP candidate recorded touting support for “a 100% ban”

RICHMOND, VA –  Today, Virginia House Democrats launched abortion ads statewide highlighting that MAGA Republicans are looking to ban abortion in the Commonwealth. This is the first of a suite of ads in a six-figure buy focused on abortion and early vote in Virginia this year. Abortion is on the ballot and this ad shows that the extremists in the VA GOP want to take the Commonwealth backwards by banning abortion and putting politicians in charge of making health care decisions instead of families and their doctors.

See the ad below:

[WATCH: MAGA Republicans Want to Take VA Backwards]

House Republicans have worked to limit and remove access to life-saving reproductive healthcare for years. They’ve introduced legislative attacks on abortion access in every legislative session in the last few years, many celebrated the fall of Roe v. Wade and their candidates are revealing their extreme support for banning abortion. Just last week, the Washington Post reported MAGA Republican John Stirrup, the GOP candidate for House District 21, supports a 100% abortion ban. Their candidates are following the direction of their inept leaders, like Speaker Todd Gilbert who has voted against abortion rights over 40 times.

“MAGA Republicans will ban abortion in Virginia if they win this November,” said House Democratic Caucus Leader Don Scott. “It’s happening all around us – abortion bans, women being jailed, and preventable medical emergencies. And the Virginia GOP wants to take us backwards and make us the next Florida or Mississippi. We can’t let that happen. That’s why we launched these ads to ensure every single voter knows their rights are at stake this fall.”

“I’ve spent my time in office fighting to ensure that Virginia does not fall to extremism, that healthcare is left to science and personal decisions are made with a health care provider. Unfortunately, there are Republicans that have made it clear that they will ban abortion and strip us of our fundamental rights and freedoms if they win this November,” said House Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “We can’t let that happen. House Democrats are ready to fight to ensure we win in November, to protect women and to protect everyone’s healthcare rights.”

House Democrats will oppose any new restrictions on the rights of Virginia women to make their own health care decisions, especially as it’s clear that the MAGA extremists in the Virginia GOP want to implement a total and 100% ban in Virginia. This ad, as well as several candidate-specific ads will run in fourteen battleground House districts.


The Virginia House Democratic Caucus is running a dynamic slate of smart, accomplished and trusted candidates who reflect the diversity and the culture of the Commonwealth. To learn more about our slate of candidates, visit the House Democratic Caucus website.


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