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Donald Trump Had a Really Bad Week

Trump "rallied with crazies," " is hemorrhaging money," " insanely compared his many legal issues to Navalny’s death and racism against Black Americans," etc.


From the Biden-Harris campaign:

Donald Trump Had a Really Bad Week

Donald Trump and his campaign had a terrible week and can expect more weeks like this as more voters become more aware of his unhinged ideas. Here are some highlights:

  • Trump’s record and agenda on women’s health and freedom is deeply unpopular: Donald Trump’s signature accomplishment, repealing Roe, directly led to right-wing extremist judges in Alabama making it nearly impossible for women to receive IVF fertility care. Trump’s campaign then took days to respond –  then immediately refused to say if he would enforce national IVF protections. Trump’s allies are already planning to override state protections to outlaw abortion nationally, limit access to abortion pills, and restrict health care providers.
  • Trump’s campaign apparatus is hemorrhaging money: Trump’s campaign, the RNC, and his outside groups are struggling to raise money. In a stunning fact, about 23 percent of all spending by Trump’s affiliated committees in 2023 went to his legal fees. Even Nikki Haley is warning Republican donors that Trump is looking to use their money to pay his bills.
  • Trump insanely compared his many legal issues to Navalny’s death and racism against Black Americans. Trump twice this week compared his own legal issues to the death of Alexei Navalny. On Friday, Trump argued Black Americans would support him because the historic racism they have faced was somehow equivalent to his own legal troubles. Insulting, repulsive, and ridiculous.
  • Trump rallied with crazies: Trump’s extreme allies want to take America back to the Stone Age: banning abortion nationally, overturning same-sex marriage, and ending no-fault divorce in America. This is a comprehensive freak show of dangerous policies that would hurt America. In the states, MAGA Republicans are already plotting to strip health care from hundreds of thousands of Americans if Trump is reelected. But Trump hasn’t run away from these crazies, he’s embraced them. At a speech in Nashville, Trump gave an incomprehensible and dark speech detached from reality. At CPAC, Trump joined allies, Nazis, and antisemites who want to end democracy, deny climate change exists, and celebrate the January 6 insurrection.

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