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Video: Sen. Mark Warner Says “I can’t think of a more important thing than standing by Ukraine and fixing our border – real time”

Warner says U.S. needs to "strike back forcefully" after the attack on U.S. troops in Jordan, but it's "better to get this right than to simply do it quickly"


See below for video of Sen. Mark Warner’s weekly chat with the press. This week, topics covered included:

  • the start of Black History Month and “the enormous contributions made by Black Americans to America’s history and Virginia’s history”;
  • the crucial importance of the U.S. supporting Ukraine in “its war against Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion”;
  • the need to deal with “the mess at the border,” yet “now that a solution set has been laid out…the very same people who were saying we need this are now trying to walk away because former President Trump is for political reasons only trying to say don’t solve the border now, let him use it as a campaign issue – I find that repugnant” (and the need “to start voting on this bill next week”);
  • the attack on U.S. soldiers in Jordan and the need to “strike back forcefully” but NOT “broaden this conflict in the Middle East at this moment in time” (Sen. Warner noted that even Trump didn’t attack targets in Iran itself) and how it’s “better to get this right than to simply do it quickly”);
  • the “long-overdue” need to put meaningful restrictions on social media companies, including amending Section 230, and how Congress is “batting zero” on this; fears of Russia and others interfering with our elections, including via social media, and the need to do something about this;
  • the tax bill passed in the US House and how the US Senate should also pass it;
  • the Houthis’ attacks on shipping in the Red Sea and the possible need to take out their “command and control”;
  • the “Elmo post”;
  • etc.


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