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For No Good Reason(s), Youngkin Vetoes Legislation That Would Have Raised Minimum Wage to $15/Hour, Created a Retail Cannabis Market, etc.

MAGA Glenn also vetoes bill that "removes the farmworker exemption from the Virginia Minimum Wage Act."


More really bad vetoes by Gov. MAGA Glenn Youngkin…for absolutely no good reasons, although he lists arbitrary/nonsensical “reasons” for his decision. Bottom line: Youngkin’s a right winger who’s endorsed the guy who tried – and is still trying – to overthrow our democracy, who campaigned in 2022 for far-right extremists like Kari Lake, etc. Anyone who ever claimed he was a “moderate” should never be taken seriously again.

Governor Glenn Youngkin Acts on 107 Bills, Vetoing Cannabis Market Legalization That Would Endanger Virginians, Especially Children

Governor Also Vetoed Arbitrary Wage Mandates that Would Harm Virginia’s Small Businesses and Farms

RICHMOND, VA – Acting on 107 bills today, Governor Glenn Youngkin signed 100 bills, including bills that strengthen law enforcement’s ability to prosecute child predators and expand Department of Corrections inmate access to quality health services. The Governor vetoed seven bills that would legalize the sale of drugs, weaken public safety, and arbitrarily set labor prices.

“The proposed legalization of retail marijuana in the Commonwealth endangers Virginians’ health and safety. States following this path have seen adverse effects on children’s and adolescent’s health and safety, increased gang activity and violent crime, significant deterioration in mental health, decreased road safety, and significant costs associated with retail marijuana that far exceed tax revenue. It also does not eliminate the illegal black-market sale of cannabis, nor guarantee product safety. Addressing the inconsistencies in enforcement and regulation in Virginia’s current laws does not justify expanding access to cannabis, following the failed paths of other states and endangering Virginians’ health and safety,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin in his veto statement for HB 698 and SB 448.

“Today I am also vetoing bills that would implement drastic wage mandates, raise costs on families and small businesses, jeopardize jobs, and fail to recognize regional economic differences across Virginia,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.

The Governor signed 100 bills which included:

HB 14 HB 55 HB 59 HB 69 HB 90 HB 105 HB 121 HB 128 HB 131 HB 133 HB 155 HB 163 HB 205 HB 220 HB 223 HB 227 HB 238 HB 255 HB 269 HB 279 HB 281 HB 288 HB 299 HB 380 HB 425 HB 435 HB 441 HB 460 HB 479 HB 501 HB 566 HB 583 HB 595 HB 596 HB 601 HB 652 HB 679 HB 690 HB 712 HB 713 HB 715 HB 730 HB 763 HB 832 HB 870 HB 898 HB 908 HB 1015 HB 1058 HB 1067 HB 1103 HB 1112 HB 1133 HB 1135 HB 1210 HB 1357 HB 1362 HB 1389 HB 1399 HB 1466 HB 1488 HB 1513 HB 1526

SB 13 SB 109 SB 111 SB 112 SB 131 SB 154 SB 261 SB 297 SB 298 SB 342 SB 381 SB 386 SB 399 SB 401 SB 402 SB 412 SB 413 SB 424 SB 425 SB 450 SB 464 SB 521 SB 530 SB 537 SB 545 SB 581 SB 585 SB 630 SB 646 SB 657 SB 658 SB 676 SB 692 SB 702 SB 706 SB 728 SB 731

The full list of signed bills is available here.

The Governor Vetoed seven bills which included:

  • HB 698 & SB 448
  • HB 1 & SB 1
  • SB 696
  • HB 157
  • HB 974

The governor’s full veto statements are available here.

From the VA Senate Democratic Caucus:

A Missed Step Forward: Governor Youngkin’s Vetoes Undermine Economic Progress and Justice in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA– This evening, Governor Youngkin announced his latest action on 107 bills, vetoing seven bills. Governor Youngkin’s latest, once again, sheds a spotlight that he is out of touch with Virginians. The forward-thinking measures on the chopping block include SB 1, introduced by Senate President pro Tempore L. Louise Lucas(D-Portsmouth), which would have increased the minimum wage to $13.50 effective January 1, 2025. SB 448, introduced by Senator Aaron Rouse(D-Virginia Beach), would have established a framework for the creation of a retail cannabis market, after years of the status of cannabis legalization lying in a state of limbo. SB 696, introduced by Senator Angelia Williams Graves (D-Norfolk), would have delivered justice by creating a process for those convicted of certain marijuana offenses before July 1, 2021. Members of the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus released the following statements:

“I am profoundly disappointed by Governor Youngkin’s decision to veto legislation that represented a crucial step toward ensuring financial security for all Virginians. At a time when our Commonwealth faces the challenges of high costs, inflation, and widespread financial hardship, this veto is not just a missed opportunity—it’s a direct affront to the hard-working individuals who keep Virginia moving forward. Raising the minimum wage to $13.50 was a measured, reasonable step towards our ultimate goal of achieving a $15.00 minimum wage, a standard that would affirm our commitment to the dignity of labor and the belief that everyone deserves a fair shot at economic stability. The Governor’s action undermines our efforts to build a more equitable and prosperous Virginia for all,” said Senator L. Louise Lucas.

“It is nothing short of irresponsible for Governor Youngkin to veto legislation that lays the groundwork for a regulated retail marijuana market in Virginia. Over the last three years, the General Assembly has meticulously crafted this legislation to not only establish a safe and regulated market but also to address and combat the proliferation of the illicit market. This veto blocks a pivotal opportunity to advance public health, safety, and justice in our Commonwealth. By dismissing this legislation, the Governor is ignoring the will of the people and the extensive efforts of lawmakers to bring about a responsible and regulated approach to cannabis. His decision is a setback for Virginia, delaying progress and perpetuating the issues we’ve worked so diligently to solve,” said Senator Aaron Rouse.

“It is deeply disheartening to witness Governor Youngkin block the path to justice for countless Virginians with his veto of SB 696. This bill was our opportunity to correct the course for those unduly burdened by convictions for marijuana offenses—offenses that are no longer considered felonies in our Commonwealth. By denying this legislation, the Governor not only overlooks the clear shift in our society’s perspective on cannabis but also refuses a hand of reconciliation and repair to those affected. His decision to veto SB 696 represents a significant missed opportunity to advance justice and equity in Virginia. It’s a decision that leaves a stain on our collective conscience, as we strive to build a more inclusive and fair Commonwealth,” said Senator Angelia Williams Graves.



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