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Team Biden-Harris Enters June Ahead of Trump with $192M War Chest

"Team Biden-Harris Raised More than $473 Million In Year Since Launch, $51 Million in April"


From President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign:

Team Biden-Harris Enters June Ahead of Trump with $192M War Chest

$192 Million in Cash on Hand Outpaces Trump’s COH, Highest Total of Any Democratic Candidate in History at This Point in the Cycle

Trump Focuses on Billionaire Donors, While Team Biden-Harris Shows Consistent Strength With Grassroots Base

Fundraising Fueling Battleground State Operations, While Trump Absent On the Ground

Team Biden-Harris Raised More than $473 Million In Year Since Launch, $51 Million in April

Today, Team Biden-Harris announced a $192 million war chest, the highest total of any Democratic candidate in history at this point in the cycle. Team Biden-Harris raised more than $51 million in April 2024, continuing to build on the steady and historic work of the Team Biden-Harris fundraising operation. Team Biden-Harris’ April haul and war chest continues to outpace any Democratic candidate in history at this point in the cycle.

While Team Trump has focused nearly entirely on courting billionaire donors maxing out early in the cycle instead of building a durable grassroots fundraising program, Team Biden-Harris’ April haul was driven in large part by continued strength and durability in our grassroots network. A majority of April’s raise came from grassroots donors, and one million more supporters were added to our email list in the month alone. This fundraising is powering a growing battleground state operation and a historic paid media campaign focused on the voters who will decide this election. With six months until Election Day, the Biden-Harris campaign is driving ahead with the enthusiasm, strength, and historic resources needed to win a close election in November.

“April’s haul reflects strong, consistent grassroots enthusiasm for reelecting Joe and Kamala, and is giving us the resources necessary to invest in opening offices, hiring organizers and communicating across our battleground states in order to mobilize the coalition of voters who will decide this election,” said Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager. “Trump’s operation continues to burn through cash and lag behind our growing and aggressive campaign, with no ground game and no demonstrable interest in talking to the voters they need to win. We’re taking nothing for granted, but only our campaign is doing the required work every single day to earn voters’ support this November.”

“Democrats across the country are fired up to re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris – just look at the numbers: we have more cash on hand than any other Democratic candidate in history,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “Our grassroots donors understand the stakes of this election, they’re motivated to give and volunteer, and they look like America. It is their passion, their strength, and their belief in our country that will carry us over the finish line and lead us to victory this November.”

Let’s do a deeper dive on the numbers:

Team Biden-Harris’ grassroots operation in April reflects strength across the campaign, DNC, and its joint fundraising committees:

  • April was Team Biden-Harris’ strongest month for recurring donors to date – with recurring donors contributing over $5.5M in revenue in a single month.
  • Team Biden-Harris grew its active email list by another 1M subscribers from March to April continuing to build upon its universe, which is already the largest in the history of Democratic politics.
  • Since launch, 96% of all our donations were under $200 and 1.8 million donors have made nearly 4.9 million contributions.
  • Additionally, we now have more than 225,000 sustaining donors who have committed to donating every month – over 1.5 times the amount at this point in the 2020 cycle.
  • Donors hailed from all 50 states and all walks of life, with teachers and nurses as some of the most common occupations among donors.

Donald Trump’s campaign is selling the American people out to billionaire oil and gas executives to fund his campaign – and his other issues:

  • Donald Trump’s fundraising was fueled by his billionaire buddies donating max out checks.
  • Trump is personally begging donors to max out their contributions to his campaign and is effectively promising donors whatever policies they want if they donate to his campaign.
    • Last week the Washington Post reported Trump promising oil and gas executives  whatever they want in exchange for donations – including oil lobbyists writing executive orders for him to sign.
  • Trump is falling behind Joe Biden with small donors and has spent more than $75 million on personal issues, instead of talking to the voters who will decide this election.

Unlike Team Trump, Team Biden-Harris’ April haul is going toward the efforts needed to reach and win the voters who will decide this election:

  • More than 150 coordinated offices.
  • Over 500 coordinated staff in battleground states and increased organizing presence in the communities that will decide this election.
  • $14 million ad campaign targeting voters across battleground states during the month of May, including investments into African American and Hispanic media.

Donald Trump and the RNC have closed battleground state offices, they have no organizing programs, negligible battleground staff presence, and virtually zero ads.

President Biden’s 2020 campaign raised over $1 billion, the most money of any presidential campaign in history, which included $700 million online driven by small-dollar donations – also the most in history. With President Biden at the top of the ticket, ActBlue saw over 133 million separate donations in the 2020 cycle with 71% being first-time donors.


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