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Loudoun Democrats Call for Delgaudio to Resign Amid New Allegations

The Washington Post this morning published a front page article detailing allegations against Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, including his regular misuse of office and persistent violation of County policies. He is alleged to have improperly used his County staff to make political fundraising calls -- by some accounts these efforts made up more than half of their workload. He is alleged to have engaged in improper hiring practices, and to have fostered a hostile work environment, one in which he frequently berated his employees and went on racist and homophobic rants. Delgaudio also admits he had personnel at his private organization -- the Public Advocate of the United States, recently labeled a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its anti-gay actions -- directly supervise his County staff.

Delgaudio fired aide Donna Mateer after she filed a complaint with the County Human Resources department. Two other Delgaudio aides quit after learning of his repeated ethical lapses. ("He is flagrantly violating policy, and I can't work for a man like that," one former aide told the Post.) Mateer spoke with Board Chairman Scott York about her allegations, including the improper fundraising, but York failed to take action. York's failure notwithstanding, the Post article indicates Delgaudio is being investigated by the FBI.

In light of all this information, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee calls on Eugene Delgaudio to resign from the Board of Supervisors. He has proved himself unfit for office many times over, but these accusations remove any doubt. His misuse of office, treatment of staff, and flagrant violation of County policies are unacceptable.

Del. Comstock’s Extremist Votes Earned Her a Trip to Tampa

Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-Loudoun & Fairfax) addressed the Republican National Convention in Tampa yesterday afternoon.

Since she was first elected to the House of Delegates in 2009, Comstock has proven herself to be one of the most right-wing legislators in Richmond.  A career politician, Comstock is a senior advisor to Governor Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and one of his most active surrogates in Virginia, appearing at events throughout the state.

During the 2012 General Assembly session, Comstock voted in lockstep with the most socially conservative members of her caucus.  She voted in favor of the fetal personhood bill, which would have banned some forms of contraception.  In fact, like Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, Delegate Comstock supports a ban on all abortions, not even allowing for exceptions for the health or life of the mother.

Comstock also voted in favor of mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds for all women exercising their constitutionally protected right to choose, to repeal Virginia's one-handgun-a-month law, and to allow discrimination against LGBT couples seeking to adopt. At the same time, Comstock voted against critical state funding for the Silver Line Metrorail extension into Loudoun County, which has resulted in MWAA's recently announced plan to double rates on the Dulles Toll Road, sticking Loudoun commuters with the construction costs.

"Delegate Comstock has deservedly earned her place among the out-of-touch right-wing gathered in Tampa," noted Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth. "In the General Assembly, she has been an active supporter of the most staunchly conservative and anti-women legislation unleashed by Ken Cuccinnelli, Jill Vogel, Tag Greason, Dick Black and others."

Macbeth noted that Comstock also earned her ticket to Tampa by being an active surrogate for presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, while neglecting the needs and concerns of Virginians. "Delegate Comstock is more interested in seeing her name in lights in Tampa and elevating her status within the Republican Party than representing the needs of her constituents."

Loudoun Supervisor Delgaudio — Hate Monger and Homophobe — Must Go.

Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, staunch Republican and leader of the hate group Public Advocate of the United States, has been served with a cease and desist letter by the Southern Poverty Law Center for the unauthorized use of a gay couple's engagement photo, which was altered and then featured in homophobic political attack mailers in Colorado. Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth issued the following statement about Delgaudio's latest controversy:

"Just when you think Supervisor Delgaudio can't stoop any lower, he goes and does something like this. Supervisor Delgaudio's actions are beyond reprehensible. The hatred and bigotry that this man continues to spew is intolerable. The time is long overdue for Eugene Delgaudio to resign from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

How long will Congressman Frank Wolf continue to stand by him? How long will Chairman Scott York and his colleagues on the Board continue to shelter him? How long will the Republican Party of Virginia continue to remain silent? How long will the Loudoun County Republican Committee continue to pat him on the back?

The people of the Sterling District and the people of Loudoun County deserve better. They deserve a new Supervisor immediately."

Romney Seeks Loudoun Votes While Promising Anti-Loudoun Policies

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee responded today to Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's visit to Loudoun County:

"While we appreciate the fact that Governor Romney recognizes Loudoun County as an important swing county in a vital swing state, Mr. Romney has made clear - through his statements during the campaign, and his actions as Governor of Massachusetts - that his policies would be disastrous for residents of Loudoun and throughout Virginia," LCDC Chair Evan Macbeth stated.

According to his campaign, Governor Romney will discuss how he would "put jobs first" if elected, yet Romney's job creation record as Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 is nothing to brag about.  

"While Mitt Romney was Governor, Massachusetts dropped to 47th out of 50 states in job creation," State Senator Mark Herring (D-Loudoun) stated.  "Manufacturing jobs declined by 14 percent - twice the national average - and Governor Romney's policies put more than 40,000 people out of work.  In fact, more jobs have been created in Massachusetts under President Obama than under Mitt Romney when he was Governor-four-and-a-half times as many."

"Romney Economics didn't work for Massachusetts,"  Senator Herring stated.  "It won't work for Virginia and it won't work for Loudoun County."

Loudoun Delegates May and Minchew Dodged Vote On Thorne-Begland

If the Virginia House of Delegates' rejection of an eminently qualified military veteran and state prosecutor's appointment to the Virginia judiciary wasn't embarrassing enough, the refusal of eight Delegates who were present to even cast a vote was an act of cowardice.  Among the eight were Loudoun Republican Delegates Randy Minchew (R-10) and Joe May (R-33).  

As reported by Andy Jenks of NBC-12 in Richmond (, and expanded on by prominent Virginia blogger Waldo Jaquith, 26 Delegates were recorded as "Not Voting" on Tracy Thorne-Begland's nomination.  Twenty-three seconds later, a vote was held on the next judicial nominee, and eight of the Delegates who were recorded as "Not Voting" on the Thorne-Begland nomination, cast a vote.  Two of those Delegates who were present for the vote immediately after the vote on Mr. Thorne-Begland, as well as the vote held immediately before, were Loudoun Republican Delegates Joe May and Randy Minchew. And we mean immediately, as there was less than a minute between the votes, as documented by Waldo Jaquith. (

"At least Delegates Greason and Ramadan had the courage to stand with Bob Marshall and the religious right who opposed Mr. Thorne-Begland on the basis of his sexual orientation," said LCDC Chair Evan Macbeth. "It is galling that Delegates Minchew and May sat on their hands and refused to take a position on a perfectly qualified judicial nominee for fear of retribution from their political base. The voters of Loudoun County elected them to do a job and vote in the House of Delegates. If Delegates Minchew and May lack the courage to vote their convictions, perhaps it's time for Loudoun to send two new Delegates to Richmond who will."

Loudoun Republicans Double-Down on Divisive, Anti-Gay Agenda

Loudoun Republican leaders have twice in the past week advanced their ideological crusade to degrade and diminish LGBT Virginians. Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, who earns his living as the president of a nationally-recognized hate group, issued an outrageous statement blasting President Obama for his support of same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, in Richmond, Delegates David Ramadan (R-87) and Tag Greason (R-32) followed the lead of noted homophobe and former Loudoun Delegate (and current Republican U.S. Senate candidate) Bob Marshall in rejecting the nomination of an eminently well-qualified prosecutor and decorated Navy veteran for a General District Court Judgeship, based solely on the fact that he is gay.

Supervisor Delgaudio has become infamous for his homophobic rantings and anti-gay activism [Lowell's note: see photo at left for an example].  He earns his living, and raises large sums of money, by promoting a radical agenda of bigotry and intolerance, all while representing the citizens of the Sterling District. Earlier this year, his organization ("the Public Advocate of the United States") was labeled a Hate Group for its anti-gay activities by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nationally recognized civil rights organization.  Now Delgaudio, in a recent interview with the Loudoun Times-Mirror and on his organization's website, has assailed President Obama for his recent endorsement of same-sex marriage. Delgaudio claims President Obama's stance "disrespects women, God's values and his own spouse and embraces the all powerful and well funded Homosexual lobby in their insatiable demand for the destruction of marriage."

Why Are Loudoun’s Republican Supervisors Hiding Behind Closed Doors?

The past week has seen several more troubling examples of the secrecy and questionable ethics of the new all-Republican Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. Such actions are not new for these Supervisors; in just four months they have repeatedly raised the ire of Loudouners with their hyper-partisanship, counter-intuitive budget cuts, and fealty to developers and campaign donors. One way they are accomplishing their controversial goals is by discussing them and enacting them secretly, behind closed doors. This Board of Supervisors has met in Executive Session -- that is, closed sessions out of view of the public and the media -- for at least a portion of nearly all of their official meetings. They have done it far more than previous Boards, and far more often than intended by the narrow exception to open meetings required by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

"This Board of Supervisors needs to come out from the shadows and discuss public policy in public," said Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth.  "The citizens of Loudoun County have a right to know what decisions are being made, and how. They deserve the right to give their input and bear witness to the actions and decisions that will affect their lives."

As with these other closed-door activities, the Board's actions of the past week have stymied the transparency and accountability necessary to make representative government work. Their actions have, at a minimum, frustrated public input and further tainted the Board with appearances of impropriety.

Loudoun Republicans Revealed Themselves in the 2012 General Assembly Session

In 2011, Democratic candidates for the General Assembly in Loudoun County campaigned on jobs, the economy and transportation. Their Republican opponents campaigned largely on similar themes.

Loudoun Democrats contended that despite their campaign rhetoric, if elected, Republicans were likely to advance a divisive social agenda. Republicans denied this throughout the 2011 campaign.

The 2012 session of the General Assembly has proven Shawn Mitchell, Dave Butler, Mike Kondratick and Loudoun's other Democratic candidates correct. Governor McDonnell, with his Republican allies in control of the General Assembly, unleashed an avalanche of socially conservative legislation. They also blocked funding for the single most important transportation project in the state, a once-in-a-generation investment that would fuel the economic engine that is Northern Virginia and help alleviate traffic congestion: Metrorail to Dulles Airport and into Loudoun County.

"From repealing Virginia's 'One Handgun A Month' law to rolling back women's reproductive rights and erecting additional barriers to voting, Loudoun's Republican representatives in Richmond have compiled a shameful legislative record that has contributed to Virginia becoming the laughingstock of the nation and a punch-line for late-night comedians," stated Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth. "Then they compounded these legislative misfires by blocking funding for Dulles rail, a project critical to the area. Republicans refused to invest in our future, denying support for a project that would help boost Loudoun's economy for the long term while also tackling our traffic woes. Each one of them owes the citizens of Loudoun County an explanation."

Here is a brief summary of some of the 2012 General Assembly session's most controversial measures and where the members of the Loudoun Delegation came down:

Officially a Hate Monger, Eugene Delgaudio Must Resign

Today we learned that the nationally recognized Southern Poverty Law Center has designated Public Advocate of the United States, a right-wing advocacy group run by Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, as a Hate Group for its staunch anti-gay advocacy and activities.

In the wake of this news, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee is calling for Mr. Delgaudio to resign from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

LCDC Chairman Evan Macbeth issued the following statement:

"The Southern Poverty Law Center has validated what we have known for a long time: Public Advocate of the United States is, in fact, a group dedicated to hatred and bigotry. The time has come for Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio to resign immediately as Sterling District Supervisor.  Loudoun County is no place for hatred and bigotry.  The people of Loudoun deserve much better from their elected leaders than Eugene Delgaudio.

I look forward to Eugene's colleagues and the Loudoun County Republican Committee leadership joining me in also calling for his resignation in light of this development.  I am certain they understand the implications of the leader of a hate group continuing to serve as a Loudoun County Supervisor."

The LCDC has created an internet petition calling for Supervisor Delgaudio's resignation, and encourages all Loudouners to stand up to hate and bigotry by signing. The petition can be found on the Change.Org website:

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Senator Jill Vogel

Last week the Virginia General Assembly backpedalled suddenly from SB 484, which had garnered national attention as the "Mandatory Vaginal Ultrasound" bill.  Governor Bob McDonnell, fearing the issue was damaging his bid to be considered for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination, intervened and rewrote the bill, removing the required use of a vaginal probe.

The author of SB 484 was State Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel, whose district includes most of western Loudoun County. In the wake of the national public outcry and Gov. McDonnell's subsequent rewrites, Sen. Vogel moved to strike her own bill, indicating a change of heart in light of constituent reaction. She stated that after hearing from constituents, including doctors, she did not "feel in good conscience that I want to carry the bill in its current form."  "There are moments when you are a legislator when you have to stop and you have to have a moment of real conscience," Vogel said. "I sort of had that moment this morning considering the outcome and the fate of this bill."

Apparently, Sen. Vogel's "moment of real conscience" was brief. In an act of hypocrisy and high-speed flip-flopping, Vogel yesterday voted to approve the House of Delegates' version of her bill, HB 462, and her vote may have been decisive.  If she had listened to her conscience and opposed the measure as she had last week, the vote would have been 20-20, and her action may have emboldened other Republicans to oppose the measure as well.

"Senator Vogel has betrayed the trust the voters placed in her when they sent her to the Senate in Richmond," said Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chairman Evan Macbeth. "After a quite public 'moment of conscience' she chose to vote in favor of humiliation and shame for women across the Commonwealth who seek to exercise their legal rights. That vote is not conscience, it's cowardice."

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