Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Dad, husband, Christian, outdoorsman, perpetually undercaffeinated ER Nurse. Common sense populist/progressive; heroes are Smarsh, Wellstone, Perriello, and Howell. A progressive in VA is anyone who believes in life after birth! Keep the Big Boys Honest! People Before Party!

Explaining to Your Charlottesville Student that Someone Threatened to Kill Them.

by Kellen Squire When I embarked on my run for the House of Delegates here in central Virginia this January, I knew I'd have a...

“Hillary Clinton is a ****ing criminal!” Are we sure we can win in Trump...

By Kellen Squire (note by Lowell: polls like this morning's by CNU, which have Dems up 11 points for House of Delegates, show why...

The Obama Playbook is Winning in Rural Virginia — Right NOW

by Kellen Squire When I launched my campaign for the House of Delegates here in central Virginia, I knew from the get-go the only path...

“School lunch is a waste of money.”

by Kellen Squire One question I'm asked fairly frequently about my run for the Virginia State Legislature this fall in the district once held by...

“Oh, thank Christ!” she said, “Finally! A Democrat!”

by Kellen Squire Another Saturday morning up early to hit the bricks; not the first by far, and not the last... though the time for...

“I’d vote for you, but… Nancy Pelosi.”

It was an unseasonably cool morning for September in central Virginia; starting in the 50s, and never rising above the low seventies, it was...

Aww, geez, not this NRA crap again!

Y'know, the Republican Party has been trying for years to convince people that their views, and those of their allies in the NRA and...

“I would’ve spoken out against the Nazi, but I didn’t want to break decorum.”

by Kellen Squire Last week, I posted an article about discovering that my opponent, Delegate Rob Bell, sat through a meeting of the Greene County,...

The Local GOP Committee Voted for Jason Kessler. My Opponent Sat There and Let ‘Em.

by Kellen Squire There wasn’t much I could take even a little bit of solace in, in the wake of what happened here in Charlottesville-...

“What do YOU know about ‘both sides’ in Charlottesville? Were you even there?!”

by Kellen Squire I spent last Thursday at the Rockingham County Fair, chairing the Democratic booth for the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Democratic Parties. Rockingham...
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