Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Clean Car Bills Race Forward – Help Them Cross the Finish Line

by Kindler Averting climate catastrophe is going to require a momentous transformation of our transportation system, particularly in the transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric...

Two Great Bills to Advance Clean Energy in Virginia

By Kindler Virginia’s super-quick 30-day General Assembly session has begun, leaving little time for anyone to get their bearings and figure out what bills they...

Dominion Employee Wrote Newspaper Editorials Praising…Dominion!

by Kindler When you’re a monopoly electricity company with profits guaranteed by a state controlled by politicians you’ve spent tens of millions of dollars to...

Dominion Still Flooding Richmond with Cash

by Kindler The good news: Virginia has finally begun moving in a positive direction on clean energy, following two election cycles of Democrats taking a...

Live Blogging the 2020 National Election

8:30 am update: According to Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, "Biden is well on his way to flipping MI & WI (in...

Your Handy Guide to Trump Scandals and Corruption

Many investigative journalists have done great work uncovering scandal upon scandal in this corrupt-to-the-core administration. But few outlets have put all of that corruption...

Russian-Style Secession Politics Come to Virginia

by Kindler The horrifically effective Russian assault on America and Europe of the past few years has had the singular goal of ripping Western society...

Defeat Death Penalty Democrat Dick!

by Kindler Here’s one more reason to replace Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw with Yasmine Taeb in the June 11th primary: Saslaw is a...

Dick Saslaw’s Dirty Energy Deception

by Kindler I expect Republicans to lie to me, but not Democrats. That’s why I was taken aback by the recent mailer from my Senator,...

Yasmine Taeb Speaks Truth to Power at SD-35 Debate

by Kindler If you’re interested in the 35th Senate District Democratic primary race, this just-posted video of the April 7th League of Women Voters’ debate...
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