Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Saturday at the Wise VA free medical-dental fair


I have begun with a photo.  The eight people you see are current (and one recent) staffers for Virginia Democratic US Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb.  They were here in Wise as volunteers, as was Madison Warner, daughter of the Senator.  Senator Warner also was here, with lots of people wanting to get their pictures taken with him.

I saw no one from the offices of any of Virginia's three state-wide elected Republicans.  But no matter.  

I have just returned from a leisurely dinner, where I sat with two former Presidents of the Virginia Dental Association, one of whom is the child of Greek immigrants.  

Tonight's diary will be somewhat different than those of the past two nights.  I request that you keep reading, and perhaps consider either passing this on, or recommending, or both.  I will be happy if you merely read, although I admit to being a bit greedy.

Wiser for being at Wise?

I know, that's a lame attempt at a title.  I struggle for something meaningful.

I am exhausted, drained, dehydrated, and sunburned.  And exhilarated, satisfied that today I did some things good.

I arrived at the site a 5:30 AM.  Some of the volunteers had already been there for more than an hour.  We began seeing people in triage at 6 AM.  We were still finishing up near 7 PM.  

I will try to give a sense of the day, although I fear that as I could not find words for the title, my command of language is insufficient to fully explain.  And I chose not to take pictures.

Please join me as I describe our first full day at the 2010 Remote Area Medical - Mission of Mercy free health and dental mission in Wise VA.