Friday, December 4, 2020
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Tonight’s Debate in Centreville; Tea Partier John Guevara Attacks Democrat Kathy...

Tonight I attended the debate between Democratic School Board Member Kathy Smith and Republican Tea Party Member John Guevara, candidates for the Sully District seat on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Sitting on the western edge of the county alongside Dulles Airport, with about 130,000 residents, Sully is one of the most rapidly growing and changing parts of the Commonwealth. This race is a chance for Democrats to pick up an open seat in a district currently represented by a Republican, retiring Supervisor Michael Frey -- who also was the debate moderator.

I have to say that I was surprised when the debate turned ugly, thanks to Mr. Guevara's comments (which I will address later). For most of the time things were relatively civil and Guevara came across as a polished candidate who seemed committed to a drama-free event. But I guess he couldn't resist throwing some red meat to his supporters so, as they say, the gloves came off.

Supervisor Frey remarked on the large crowd, which neared 100 people -- quite a feat for an obscure political debate taking place before Labor Day. I doubt that there were many undecided voters in attendance. This appeared to be an exercise in candidates and parties getting their supporters out. Us Democrats had a good crowd, with elected officials and many top party activists in attendance. The Republicans clearly had sounded the alarm for the Tea Party folks to come out.

Prevaricators Incorporated: Corporate Shills Pass as Today’s GOP


No wonder so-called "Tea Party" corporate shills look to the dangerous demagogue Beckster (Glenn Beck) to pump them up this weekend. Their party is so broken that it is increasingly dominated by the likes of him, Sharon Angle, Sarah Palin (who tells her followers to "re-load") , Rand Paul, and Michelle ("be armed and dangerous," she menacingly says) Bachmann (Is extortion their new modus operandi)? The Republican Party has become unhinged.

The huge polluters, the Koch Brothers, have infused "astroturfs" and pseudo think tanks with over a hundred million dollars to write phony studies, spew false information, and stage phony populist events.  They do this to expand their already gargantuan wealth.  Rupert Murdoch has turned over his network to promote extremist Republicans (and Tea Parties), who know nothing about being republican, with a small "r."  GOP insider and otherwise corporate shill, Dick Armey, fronts the ironically named "Freedom Works," which is really about multi-nationals operating unfettered. And Rick Scott, Columbia-HCA's former CEO "leads" "Conservatives for Patient Rights."   He wanted to bleed profits out of patient care.  Along the way he incurred the largest fine for corporate misdeeds ever levied upon a US corporation ($1.7 billion).  For this he was fired. Now he wants to gut health care reform and end Social Security.  AND he wants to be governor of Florida, a state's first Astroturf-in-Chief, running Florida of, for and by folks such as the Kochs.  Nihilist Peter Peterson is nearly in a class by himself.  But he too is funded by the Kochs.  These are some of the folks behind the so-called Tea Party (and supposed deficit commission).