Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Want to Boost Educational Outcomes, Governor Northam? Then Green the Schools!

by A Siegel Governor Ralph Northam has announced his proposal for a significant bump in the Commonwealth's education investment. The budget includes the single-largest increase for...

Fall’s Local Recycling Events Start This Weekend

Got an old computer you want to dispose of safely? Eyeglasses with an outdated prescription? Many communities are holding their fall recycling events, collecting a lot more than what they pick up curbside. I rounded up a few near me:To find out if your community is offering a fall recycling event, Google's the best resource. You can also visit the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality or see more options at the Environmental Protection Agency's eCycling.

Best Way To Make Positive Change On Sustainability: Ask.

Having grown up in Boston, one of my favorite shows is NPR's Car Talk. Nothing gets Tom & Ray madder than when people call with a critical problem that they've been driving around with for six months. "You've waited six months - and even then you don't take it to a mechanic, you call us? You're lucky you're not lying in a ditch somewhere after your wheel flew off!"

I have a similar issue when people relate their green problems to me. The first thing I say when people tell me about their problems is, "Have you asked your landlord/boss/whoever to address it?" Invariably, they haven't. (Also, I keep trying to get people to write their problems on the back of a $20 bill and send them to The Green Miles Plaza with no luck.)

Roosevelt Towers, my new apartment building in Falls Church, had a trash bin but not a recycling bin in the mail room. Every day the trash bin would be overflowing with junk mail. So I emailed the leasing office to see if they'd consider adding a recycling bin, a small step that would keep hundreds of pounds of paper out of the landfill every month.

Roosevelt Towers wrote back right away:

Washington Post Struggles to Keep Painting Greens as Struggling

If you go to right now, you'll see this:
A year ago, environmental groups seemed at the peak of their influence. Now they are struggling.
Except that exactly one year ago, the Washington Post didn't say environmental groups were at the peak of their influence. It literally said they were struggling using the exact same reporter, using those exact words:
It seems that environmentalists are struggling in a fight they have spent years setting up.
You have to wonder if the Washington Post's reporting on environmental groups is driven by reality, or if it just rewrites the "greens are struggling" article once a year & adds a new headline. You also have to wonder how much its reporting is being influenced by its increasingly-conservative editorial side.