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The Temper Tantrum Election

Eugene Robinson nails it in his opinion piece in today's (3 Sept 2010) Washington Post when the headline says "We're spoiled brats, and we vote." He acknowledges that every poll and pundit worth his salt is predicting a Republican wave in  November, a wave which many see as flipping the House to Republican rule, and installing the tanned Mr. Boehner as Speaker, all based on a gain of 45-60 House seats by the GOP. Robinson's reaction? Wait a minute.

Mr. Robinson's take: This is one screwed up election.  True, Democratic favorability ratings at 33 percent have tanked, and "voters appear to be fed up with Democrats," yet voters are even more disenchanted with the Republican Party, whose favorability is just 22 percent, or way below that of Democrats. Yet the polls show voters choosing Republicans, whom they despise, over Democrats whom they despise less? Now, how could that be, illogical as it is?  Robinson says this election is not a Republican wave, "it's a temper tantrum."  

Economic Sabotage: Why Republicans Need Dialysis

Let's acknowledge up front that Republicans do not want the economy to improve, at least not until after the mid-term elections, if then.  From the moment Obama was in office, they have delayed, watered-down, or stymied every economic initiative from this administration, even if it was something they themselves had proposed earlier, like jobs bills, or pretending that the bank bailout begun under G. W. Bush was actually an Obama Bailout.

Even more malicious is the concerted effort by every Republican office-holder, conservative pundit, and Fox News (their agitprop machine), to convince the American public that Obama's stimulus has not worked. Constant repetition of a bald-faced lie has served them well in the past, and the Party of Malice, a name every bit as descriptive as "Party of No," is remarkably proficient now at manipulating public perception so as to create a self-fulfilling prophecy whenever they feel a need. We are being told a "double dip" recession is coming.