Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Alexandria Raw Sewage Issue Spews Forth Yet Again

This past September, I posted on a raw topic (pun intended), as "State Senator, Former Delegate, Alexandria City Council Members Wage Twitter Battle Over...

State Senator, Former Delegate, Alexandria City Council Members Wage Twitter Battle...

Hat tip to Patricia Sullivan of the Washington Post for pointing out this Twitter, discussion, between Virginia State Senator Scott Surovell, former Delegate...

30th, 31st Senate District Candidates Debate at Arlington County Democratic Committee

I just got back from the 30th and 31st State Senate District debates at the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) meeting in Ballston. I've got a ton of video, which will take a while to process. I've also got some thoughts on the debates. In the meantime, here are Miles Grant's tweets from the debate, which I largely agree with:

*"Content of opening statement from @JAreizagaSoto is carbon copy of his announcement speech, but not as well delivered."
*"Opener from @BarbaraFavola was fine but also boilerplate. Save the bay, etc."
*"Opener + 2 questions go by + @JAreizagaSoto still hasn't said 1 difference with @BarbaraFavola."
*"Question on redistricting - neither @JAreizagaSoto nor @BarbaraFavola criticizes atrocious process. Weak."
*"You know it's an exciting @ArlingtonDems debate when I'm RTing a dog in the middle of it."
*"'This can't just be about moving more cars. It has to be about moving more people.' - @JAreizagaSoto. Also calls for gas tax hike."
*"@BarbaraFavola calls for 1 cent gas tax hike. That'll fix everything."
*"Favola vs. Areizaga-Soto not really a debate, more a forum. Probably a draw. Missed chance for Jaime to draw distinctions."
*"Best opening statement of either debate was @RobKrupicka. @LibbyGarvey also really good"
*"@LibbyGarvey on offshore oil drilling: "How short-sighted can we get?"
*"@AdamEbbin calls for ending mountaintop removal coal mining."
*"@AdamEbbin only 1 in either debate to say words "Dick Saslaw". Everyone says they're bold, he's only one to actually BE bold so far"
*"@RobKrupicka criticizes estate tax repeal but doesn't say it was @TimKaine who signed it"
*"ZOMG someone pointed out a difference! Libby jabs Rob on BRAC, though not by name."
*"All 3 candidates in [30th] were more impressive than either candidate in [31st]."
*"RT @dannybarefoot: @RobKrupicka called out @AdamEbbin for voting to repeal the estate tax"

For now, I'd just add that I thought that the format of the debate, and also the questions asked (mostly bland, not pointed, nothing about the hot-buttons that are flying around the campaigns' mailers and in the press), were not especially conducive to fostering a give-and-take between the candidates.  

More on the "flip"

30th State Senate District Democratic Candidates Speak at Business Forum

I reported earlier today on the 49th House of Delegates district forum held yesterday morning in Falls Church, and sponsored by the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council. This post covers the 30th State Senate district forum, with candidates Adam Ebbin, Libby Garvey and Rob Krupicka participating. Libby Garvey spoke about "end[ing] the gridlock in Richmond," about her successes with the Arlington public schools, and about "building relationships...across party lines." Adam Ebbin talked about clean energy, Metro, BRAC, Columbia Pike streetcars, Route 1, support for small business, and building "effective relationships to work not just across the aisle but across the Commonwealth." Rob Krupicka noted that his name is pronounced like "Eureka," said we need "new ideas to solve problems," talked about his "leading role in making Alexandria an environmental leader," about his role in helping small business be successful, education, and mass transit. He said we have to stop the "politics of blame that sets us back, doesn't focus on solving problems."

P.S. As with the 49th HoD district, I remain neutral in this race, but I'm listening carefully to what these three good Democrats - and strong progressives - have to say. I hope to make an endorsement at some point this summer. How about you? Any preference in this race, and if so, why?

NOVA Democratic Business Council Holding Campaign Forum Friday

This Friday, the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council will be holding an event - a forum with candidates from Senate districts 30 and 31, plus House of Delegates district 49 (see list of candidates below), participating - that looks to be a good one.  If you're a potential Democratic primary voter living in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, McLean, Great Falls, or eastern Loudoun County, it seems like this forum (not sure if that means a "debate" exactly, but we'll see) might very well be of interest to you. The event begins at 7:30 am, and is being held at the Fairview Park Marriott hotel, 3111 Fairview Park Drive in Falls Church. I'm definitely planning to be there, bright and early!

Senate District 30
Adam Ebbin (invited)
Libby Garvey
Rob Krupicka

Senate District 31
Jaime Areizaga-Soto
Barbara Favola

State Delegate District 49
Stephanie Clifford
Alfonso Lopez

Blue Virginia Interviews with 30th State Senate District Candidates: Adam Ebbin

As part of this site's ongoing effort to learn more about Democratic candidates for office in Virginia, today we kick off a 3-interview series with the Democratic candidates in the 30th State Senate District. Those candidates are Del. Adam Ebbin, Arlington County School Board member Libby Garvey, and Alexandria City Council member Rob Krupicka. We presented the same questions to all three candidates, and also requested that they all return them at the same time (to be fair, so none of them knew what the others had answered). Today, we present Adam Ebbin's interview. We hope you find it informative, and would be very interested in your reaction. Thanks.

P.S. We will also use these questionnaires as an important part of our consideration into whether we will endorse anyone in this district, and if so, who we will endorse. We will also be watching debates and the overall campaign to determine who we believe will best represent progressive values, and of course the 30th District, in Richmond.

Question #1. Tell us a bit about yourself, and specifically, what in your background and/or temperament makes you the best qualified of the three Democratic candidates to represent the 30th State Senate district on Richmond.

For eight years, I have represented Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington in the House of Delegates, where I've proven myself effective and won progressive victories even while being part of the Democratic minority. I have worked within the legislative system, and established the relationships needed to be successful in the Senate. I've been recognized as a progressive leader by Equality Virginia and the League of Conservation Voters, and have consistently received 100% ratings from the AFL-CIO. Prior to my service in the House, I worked alongside local Democrats to advance our shared values. I was a founder of the Virginia Partisans Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club, and served as Chief Deputy Commissioner of Labor and Industry under Governor Mark Warner. I have been a tenacious fighter for progressive values, and will continue to be in the Senate.