Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Improving I-81, And Doing It Fairly — April Moore Throws Down...

This piece will be appearing in the two main newspapers of SD-26, the district in which I am challenging Mark Obenshain for the seat...

Eugene Robinson is an absolute must read

In his Friday column titled A little more revenue could go a long way.   Perhaps you can get a sense of where he is going from the very beginning:  
Do progressives care about reducing the national debt? Of course they do, no matter what the White House might believe.

While acknowledging all of the legitimate worries about the financial direction of this country, ultimately Robinson is coming down on the side of the approach proposed by the Progressive Caucus.  As he notes about confronting the problems we face,

The way to avoid this dystopian future is to bring spending and revenue more into balance. Yes, there will be some pain and sacrifice. But it is not necessary - nor is it wise - to heap a disproportionate share of the burden onto the backs of the poor, the elderly and the battered middle class.

What is the alternative? Well, we could begin by recognizing that while spending is too great, in historical terms, revenue is far too meager. We ought to be taxing and spending at roughly 20 percent of GDP, which means that a sensible, equitable, long-term program of debt reduction ought to include spending cuts and revenue increases in roughly equal measure.

There is much more, and I am pretty much at the limit of fair use already.  

You should read, and pass on, his column.

But please keep reading.