Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Warmonger McCain and “Mushroom Cloud Condi” Rice Are the GOP Case...


As Think Progress points out, polls show that Americans trust Obama more than Romney on international affairs. So along come the best two on foreign policy the GOP has left: Warmonger John McCain and his dazed and confused grasp on reality; AND Condi Rice, who so assertively deceived us on weapons of mass destruction.  Yeh, they've got the cred (snark).  

Who doesn't remember her trying to scare the hell out of everyone with worries about a "mushroom cloud."  When she did that, she essentially proved they had no real evidence of mass destruction. They had to rely instead on fear, not evidence. McCain's supposed cred is permanently tarnished by his failing to find a potential war he could not support. And Condi's obsolete Cold War model of the world is every bit as bad.  

I almost feel sorry for the poor, pathetic Republicans if this is what they've got.  (Don't worry, I said almost.  And were I to, I wouldn't feel very sorry for them.)

To make matters worse, as the video above shows, on CBS this morning, Condi could not say anything President Obama has done "wrong" in foreign policy.  That's the best they've got.  So, there you have it.  They GOP has no real case, except made up stuff. They should shut down the convention and go home.