Sunday, January 17, 2021
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The Trump Crisis Intensifies with a Confluence of Events

There is the old point of confrontation (the issue of impeachment) and the new, or newly escalated (inciting hate crimes). How will all this...

If Stewart is the “Death March” of the VA-GOP, Will Trump...

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Trying to Understand My Countrymen

This piece will be appearing this week in newspapers in my very red congressional District (VA-06). ************************ Sometimes I wish that, if America must be governed...

Dear John Adams… (More Fearmongering Mail Pieces from the Virginia GOP)

Yes, they are actually depicting women being kidnapped and used for human trafficking on their mail pieces now.  Posted with the permission of Stephanie White DEAR...

In Face of Racist Attacks, Virginia Blue Dog US Senators Shrink...

Last week I lamented that Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) chose to distance himself from the President of his own party.  Warner had claimed false equivalence between the campaign of division and racist hate being waged by the GOP and the campaign on the facts, record, and differences between platforms waged by the Democratic Party and President Obama.  And Warner tried to feign superiority to a president, who as a matter of fact has stuck to the issues, facts, AND the record of one Mitt Romney, job destroyer and debt creator.  That is a matter of fact (see ElaineinRoanoke's diary on the subject of debt creation yesterday).

I can't emphasize enough how gutless it was to do such a thing when any US Senator, with a safe seat and who is not up for re-election this time (Warner),  or one who is about to retire (Webb), should have had the President's back.  Were folks like Warner, Webb and others to stand up as a TEAM against such hate, only the most unhinged would dare utter the kind of garbage that run-of-the-mill Republicans are now doing.  Now they can get away with saying with utter impunity what previously only the worst racists in America would say.  What was merely implied (not that that is acceptable either) is stated outright. The kind of racism which defeated Harvey Gant in his campaign to unseat the uber racist Jesse helms, has become "mainstream GOP."  

Now attacks upon the President for his being of a different race, the pretense that he is not a citizen and the suggestion of "otherness" (statements that he is "not one of us," "doesn't understand what it means to be an American," or even claims he is "unAmerican") is skillfully used by a GOP on hate-based "steroids."  Though there are more whites on welfare, the myth of African Americans as the main welfare recipients persists and is easily fed. Every speech is crafted to present to the American people lies about Obama's welfare-to-work efforts, which actually move MORE, not fewer, people to work.  The lies are right out of the Ronald Reagan Southern Strategy playbook. Every effort at building the "otherness" myth is designed to elicit voter racism.