Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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A Cost Worth Bearing: Sustainability and the Democratic National Convention


At this year's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, considerable efforts have been made to "green" the event . From low-toxin paints to increased recycling, the convention and its organizers have taken on the immense challenge of putting their money where their political mouth is.

But as is sometimes the case, going green isn't easy logistically or financially. When asked about the additional costs incurred by greening the Democratic Convention, Chief Operating Officer Theo LeCompte responded that "moderate" additional costs were created.  

For those of us who don't believe the earth has an infinite amount of resources, additional costs are not a major deterrent. For many on the conservative side though, "additional costs" related to efforts at sustainability are unacceptable and a further indication that the "libs" are attempting to bankrupt the U.S.

Until the present, many advocates of sustainability have gone on the defensive, claiming that up-front costs of going green will be trumped by the long-term economic payoffs. Unfortunately, this argument in particular hasn't appeared to win over the hearts or minds of conservative nay-sayers.