Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Domestic Violence Arrests Increasing in Connecticut at Concerning Rate

SPONSORED CONTENT By Christine Gertsch, a domestic violence attorney barred in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.  The State of Connecticut saw an increase in the...

Connecticut Gun Law Protects Victims of Domestic Abuse

Sponsored Content By Peter Billings of Billings and Barrett, LLC A controversial new gun law, signed by Governor Dannel Malloy, will go into effect for the...

Guns, Butter, and a Lot of Love


I know, let's clone Jesse Ventura and station a Ventura clone at each school across the country! Sound a little south of practical? If so, it's actually an idea with more rationale than arming "certain teachers" across the country, an idea that has been increasingly proposed by members of the Republican Party as a remedy to the recent school killings in Connecticut.[1] The logic is as follows: fight gun violence with more guns! Brilliant! If only we could use this strategy with nuclear weapons, then the world would truly be MAD!

You've got to hand it to some Republicans, they really know how to turn the improbable into the highly likely. For instance, who would have thought that any party would have been audacious enough to openly propose probing a woman's private parts? Brilliant! But the encore has been even more brilliantly mind-boggling in its utter absurdity.

The idea of putting weapons into the hands of individuals who are supposed to be seen by our country's youth as role-models to exemplify, who are professionals trained to enlighten others with the pen (not the sword), who have had little say (to my knowledge) in the matter is the same as asking Albert Einstein to strap a bomb to his chest in case the Nazi's attempt to kidnap him. The supposed solution could easily turn out to create even bigger problems than the initial quandary (i.e., armed individuals killing students).

In the Aftermath of Connecticut, an Opening for Gun Control Debate


In the aftermath of the shooting in Connecticut that has enveloped the country, many Americans reacted with shock, sympathy, and outrage. But some conservatives that I know also reacted in the following way: oh great, another reason for Obama to take away our ability to buy guns. To repeat, one of their initial reactions to the shootings in Connecticut was to conclude that our president was going to strip them of their right to buy guns.

It is a case study of just how potent perceptions can be in shaping how individuals view public figures. During the 2012 Presidential Election, America witnessed the Obama campaign team systematically turn Mitt Romney into an out-of-touch millionaire who knows more about turning a profit than sympathizing with the hardships of others. It was a masterful political stroke that helped to bury Romney's chances at the presidency (along with his incessant "gaffes" that fed into the perceptions being stoked by the Obama campaign team).

But equally as masterful has been the conservative's ability to turn President Obama into an anti-gun president waiting in the wings, so to speak, for the right opportunity to strip Americans of their right to buy or own them. But even after the July 20 shootings in Colorado that claimed the lives of 12 people, President Obama did not make a strong case for gun control, let along stripping Americans of their right to own guns entirely.