Sunday, June 13, 2021
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More Smelly Appointments by McDonnell


As if appointing Fred Malek, Nixon enforcer of anti-Semitism and SEC fine payer for questionable work his firm did for the Connecticut pension fund, to a government "reform commission" wasn't bad enough, other recent appointments made by Bob McDonnell just keep raising questions about what kind of government he is running.

Lest you think that Republicans learned something about how bad governance can get when people with conflicts of interest are put in charge of government agencies, forget that idea. After five months McDonnell continues to show that he didn't learn a thing from the egregious messes created by the Bush administration that were left for President Obama to clean up.

The latest lousy appointments include Diana Cantor, a former Goldman Sachs vice president to chair the board of trustees of the Virginia Retirement System, just a few months after McDonnell and the General Assembly took more than $620 million in VRS funds and used that to balance the budget.

Then, there's McDonnell's appointment of John Rocovich, a very controversial former rector of the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors to the commission that recommends appointees for the governing boards of all the state's colleges and universities.

These two appointments almost reach the level of stench that Malek's did.

What Next, Jack Abramoff to Run Virginia’s Prisons?

And in his latest stand for good government, Bob McDonnell appoints a Goldman Sachs croney (Diana Cantor, wife of Rep. Eric Cantor) to chair the Virginia pension system.  This move comes after McDonnell appointed a state pension defrauder to chair the government reform commission.

Sadly, this latest news is not a shocker. Maybe next McDonnell will ask a felon - Jack Abramoff's available, I hear! - to run the prisons? Whoops, better not give him any ideas!