Friday, April 16, 2021
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Kaine’s Commitment to Virginians’ Safety and Security Takes Center Stage in...

From Sen. Tim Kaine's campaign: Kaine's Commitment to Virginians' Safety and Security Takes Center Stage in New TV Ad Ad Contrasts Kaine's Support for Growing the...

Webb and Warner Vote for Cloture, Republicans Still the “Party of...

Thank you to Senators Webb and Warner for voting the right way - "aye" on the Defense Appropriations bill - a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell and Company continue to be the "party of no" who want everything to fail. Between talking down the U.S. economy, voting against funding our troops in "harms way," supporting continued bigotry in the military, blocking the Obama tax cut for the middle class in order to give millionaires and billionaires a huge gift, preventing young people from getting an education and serving in our military, opposing clean energy and climate action, etc. the question is why anyone in their right mind would vote for them. Even if you're not happy with the Democrats, even if you're really pissed off, staying home on election day is not a serious option. The alternative is to turn the government over to McConnell, Can'tor, BONEr and their ilk. No thank you.

P.S. Great comment by emptywheel on Twitter: "Remember when Senators holding up Defense bill were branded as anti-American and unpatriotic?"

“Talking Your Book” and One of Its More Dangerous and Immoral...


We can sugar coat it, or face the truth.  We can learn from history, or not.  The course we choose will determine our future in ways we can hardly imagine.  And, yet, as I write this, our nation persists in a version of Fantasyland, unencumbered by history.  The current American Prospect contains an article taking on what Wall Streeters call "talking your book."  According to the article here, talking your book means: "trying to get events to match up with the bets on your balance sheet." We're very familiar with the tactic in Washington, where we call it "spinning."

Our lives are saturated with such spin. Outside of Wall Street, some of the most egregious examples include the military contractor speak which embraces terms such as "spreading freedom" (though war); "democracy in a box," and "grand strategy," (as if all the variables in the world could be captured in one model).  Today, in Part 1, I address the hazards of the first of these.  I contend that we in the US cannot spread democracy by bombing another country, especially when that country did not attack us. Many of us have argued this point till we are "blue" in the face. But hegemonic-, military-, and military contractor- speak try to persuade otherwise.  And, despite the evidence, many still buy what the talking-your-book spinners tell us.