Friday, December 4, 2020
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Thoughts on Donald’s and Secretary Clinton’s Excellent Adventure

It seems my own take on the debate, in real time, differed from the consensus of the commentators in one respect. I don't claim...

Right Wing Flip-Flop Fight. Gotta Love It


(This is a follow-up on lowkell's earlier post about Robert Hurt's ridiculous debate change of heart. I just want to rub it in.)

According to the Charlottesville Daily Progress Robert Hurt, the Republican challenger to Rep. Tom Perriello (D-5th), has changed his mind and refuses to participate in any candidate debate in which tea partier and independent 5th district candidate Jeffrey Clark participates. (Hurt was willing to debate Clark during their primary fight, however.)

In a written statement, Hurt said, "We cannot allow the important debate in this election to be sidetracked by a candidate who is not serious about his campaign or his ability to win." Unfortunately for Hurt, it was just last Saturday that he told the Daily Progress that he was "absolutely" willing to appear at three-candidate debates that featured himself, Rep. Tom Perriello, and Clark. Before his mighty flip flop, Hurt said,

"We need to work out all of the details, but debates are a very, very important part of elections and obviously we want to make ourselves available to all of the citizens who will be judging us and we're committed to doing that but obviously we have the details to work out. We haven't talked with the Perriello campaign - I don't think - about what they're interested in."

Now, he's saying the opposite, a position that has allowed both Tom Perriello and Clark to attack him at will. I love it!