Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Trump’s Rise: Not just a Threat but an Opportunity

The rise of Donald Trump means that the American political system, already sick, could be degraded still further. But – if Trump does become...

Democrats Should Slam Republicans for Failures of Congress

Public Policy Polling in the swing state of Ohio found a very confused electorate, as reported by Tom Jensen on 6 July. Undecideds in the Ohio Senate race were 22 percent of voters. They appeared to be "mad at both the Democrats and Republicans in Washington---- and (their) undecided status may be a reflection of their not knowing who they should be madder at."

To begin with, 52 percent of the undecideds in the Senate race "disapprove of President Obama," compared with 35 percent who said they liked the job he is doing.  As for the Democrats in Congress, only 26 percent approved the job they were doing. On the other hand, they truly despised Congressional Republicans: a bare 10 percent liked the job they were doing and a resounding 61 percent disapproved.  The voters may be unhappy with President Obama, but they are a whole lot unhappier with the Republican minority. So the anti-incumbent fervor that would normally rise up to throw the bums out is, well, confused. Public Policy Polling was ranked by The Wall Street Journal in November 2008 as one of the very best polling outfits when it came to swing states.