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GMU Students, Faculty, Friends Protest Cuccinelli’s Homophobia


I just got back from George Mason University Law School, where students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and allies are currently protesting Ken Cuccinelli’s appearance at the school. More broadly, they are protesting Ken Cuccinelli’s anti-gay attitudes, which Cooch is attempting to force on Virginia as a whole. This is unacceptable, as the protestors and speakers are eloquently and powerfully explaining right now.  No wonder why  Cooch snuck in the side door of GMU Law School, is not allowing reporters into the event, and apparently is refusing to speak to reporters afterwards. I mean, I can understand why he wouldn’t want any sunlight on him, but still that’s pathetic.

Also, I should have video shortly of the first speaker, who was absolutely superb. For now, here are some photos, including one (see after the “flip”) of Del. Bob Brink listening to the speaker. Also, Miles Grant is there, so he may have more reports and photos.

UPDATE: Follow Miles’ twitter feed for more.  Other speakers included  Arlington Co. Board Chair Jay Fisette & Del. Brink. Also there are Del. Adam Ebbin, Arlington School Board Members Sally Baird, Libby Garvey and Abby Raphael.

  • Thank you for having me today. A special thank you to the organizers of this important event, including Rob and Kate.

    Welcome to March Madness—Cuccinelli Style!

    In Basketball when you break the rules, you are called on a foul. Today we are here to call Ken Cuccinelli on his fouls.

    Cuccinelli’s foul of breaking his central campaign promise, Cuccinnelli’s foul of seeking a rollback to bigotry, Cuccinnelli’s foul of denying the science of Climate Change, Cuccinnelli’s foul of seeking to deny Virginians healthcare coverage.

    No Virginia politician has ever been so out of touch with the realities of this 21st century.

    Ken Cuccinelli promised to impartially carry out the duties of the office of Attorney General. He promised not to impose his personal political agenda on the people of Virginia. His duties are to help lock up criminals and to fight fraud as the Commonwealth’s Chief Consumer Advocate. When Cuccinelli breaks those promises, WE WILL CALL HIM OUT!

    Cuccinelli denies the reality of gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans. He hides behind convoluted legal contortions, but make no mistake. When he incorrectly and purposefully, misstates the law, WE WILL CALL HIM OUT! After all, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot!

    When Cuccinelli can’t understand the reality of Climate Change and wastes time and our tax dollars suing the federal government, WE WILL CALL HIM OUT!

    Ken Cuccinelli boasts of suing the federal government to deny healthcare to the sick. When he seeks to hurt those with pre-exiting conditions and when he seeks to deny insurance coverage to the unemployed and the needy, WE WILL CALL HIM OUT!

    What has Ken Cuccinnelli done as Attorney General in three months? Has he helped lock up more criminals? Has he been our leading consumer advocate? Has he fought fraud to protect Virginians from Identity Theft? The answer is no. This is a total departure from previous Attorney Generals.

    You are law students; you should know that Cuccinelli failed to cite a statute when he advised Virginia’s public universities that they cannot include “sexual orientation” to their anti-discrimination policies.  Section 23-9.2:3 of the Virginia Code empowers our public universities to “establish rules and regulations” both “for the conduct of students while attending such institution,” as well as “for the employment of professors, teachers, instructors and all other employees.”  This statute provides educational institutions the power to prohibit discrimination of all kinds.  

    George Mason University law school is named for the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and the father of the Bill of Rights. You have produced respected judges, law firm partners and appointed officials. Ken Cuccinelli is not only an embarrassment to our Commonwealth, but also an embarrassment to this great institution.

    Ken, you may be here speaking to law students–but they are not buying your brand of bigotry. Not buying that bigotry yesterday! Not buying that bigotry today! Not buying that bigotry tomorrow! Not buying that bigotry ever!

    To our attorney general, words like toleration and diversity are dirty words. He prefers discrimination and persecution. But he is wrong. Hate is not an educational value. And hate is not a Virginia value. It’s not who we are and it’s not who we want to be. Ken Cuccinelli would have us turn back the clock on progress, but I say we must look forward, to embracing a diverse society and a diverse people, to equal rights for all Virginians. That is the Virginia you know. That is the Virginia I know. That is the Virginia to which we must introduce our attorney general. That is the real Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Thank you for being here today!