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Is the Smithsonian Selling Science to a Global Warming Denier?


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  • Teddy Goodson

    that humanity did indeed evolve in response to the pressures of rapid (a relative term) climate change.

    The exhibit stops short thereafter, once it reaches so-called modern times, because showing the short five thousand years of the development of human civilization cannot be crammed into the tiny little portion of years after the initial millions of years of evolution since doing so would put on display the fact that millions of years of evolution by our species completely overshadows the current era and would make very evident that we have no similarly long time to adapt to today’s far more rapid climate change. The terms today are simply different: billions of humans today versus a very few thousand then, but no frontier now left to move to in order to escape violent weather, and merely dozens of years versus millions to deal with the changes.

    Therefore, another donor needs to fund a final, up-to-date panel on climate change today, so the exhibit does not stop short and leave the casual viewer misinformed. George Soros perhaps?

    This attempt to soothe the populace with the idea that God, Mother Nature, whathaveyou, will take care of us and not send us more than we can handle is all of a piece with the rest of the right wingers’ ideas that we should not intervene in events: the lord won’t send us more children than we can handle so do not use contraceptives; the market will provide the best outcomes economically so don’t try to regulate it to prevent collateral damage, and so on.

    One of the results of the rapid evolution of humanity was the development of intelligence to handle the problems. Should we not use that intelligence to help us survive the current climate calamity? We don’t have time to wait on Mother Nature to adapt us.  

  • tx2vadem

    The video deal at the end seems like similar silly interactive exhibits designed to attract kids.  These can be poorly done without some ulterior motive behind it.  We only saw two parts of the exhibit here.  So, it is hard to tell that there is some undercurrent throughout the exhibit of climate change denial.  The fact that they didn’t explain on the graph of climate that variability now is much greater than in the past doesn’t seem damning in the context of a larger exhibit not specific to climate science.

    Also, I kind of feel like big deal.  The Natural History Museum is so crowded all the time, I doubt it is a learning experience for anyone.  People go there to see the Hope diamond and insects.  Even if the intention really was misinformation, the harm is so minimal.  

    I’m sure there is program director for this exhibit; has anyone brought this up to them?  I would be interested in what their response was.