• Elaine in Roanoke

    I love this:

    “Congressional Republicans have voted against every major piece of economic legislation-from the Recovery Act to Wall Street reform-choosing the special interests over American workers, their families and small businesses. Where would the economy be now if they had prevailed?”

    How true!

  • Teddy Goodson

    requires every Democratic elected official right down to dog catcher to keep pounding away at this message. Not only has the mass media utterly failed at presenting the story, but Republicans have flooded the public square with absolute lies. A majority of Americans are convinced that Obama has raised, not lowered their taxes. They sneer, that Obama and the Democrats have done nothing, except raise taxes and impose socialized medicine, and that Obama hasn’t fulfilled his promises, and panders to banksters…. and so on.

    I asked our Dept of Labor speaker at Fairfax City’s J-J Dinner about messaging, and he agreed it was a problem but seemingly had no idea how to fix it. I asked Congressman Gerry Connolly the same question and he let ‘er rip in typical Gerry fashion; it is clear his solution to the problem is to do his share of telling it like it is. Every cabinet member, every Congressman and Senator with “D” after their name should do likewise, in venues where it will be reported in the media.

  • Democrats need to remind Americans that we have been the Little Red Hen of politics since 2009.  No Republicans wanted to plant the wheat, water the wheat, pick the wheat, grind the wheat, or bake the bread, but they all show up to eat it!

  • TomPaine
  • jack

    Because job growth is a trailing indicator, the media goes for the “Jobless Recovery” story every time.  Remember, when you’re the media, bad news is good news.