Horrified at Bob McDonnell, Sheila Johnson “will never get involved in politics again”


    Don’t let anyone say you weren’t warned about this, Mrs. Johnson!

    after McDonnell was sworn in, she watched in horror as the new governor enunciated a variety of socially conservative policies, especially regarding a constitutional ban on gay marriage and other civil rights issues, and then declared a celebration of Virginia’s “Confederate History Month” without any mention of slavery.

    “Politics, oh gosh!” Johnson says with a groan. “I feel like I was thrown under the bus on that one… The lesson that I’ve learned in all of this is I will never get involved in politics again.”

    What amazes me is that anyone, including a worldly woman like Sheila Johnson, would have believed Bob McDonnell’s lies about being a “moderate” focused on jobs and not Pat Robertson’s extremist social agenda.  Unfortunately, many Virginians, including Sheila Johnson, did believe Bob McDonnell’s b.s., and now we’re stuck with him – plus his ticketmates, including Crazy Cooch – for four years. Sadly for Virginia, Sheila Johnson isn’t the only one who’s watching this situation in “horror.”

    UPDATE: I almost forgot why Sheila Johnson was so impressed with Bob McDonnell – his supposed ability to “communicate.”  Obviously, McDonnell “communicated” something to Johnson, like…oh, a bunch of outright lies that she bought, hook line and sinker. Duhhhh.

    UPDATE #2: More reason to be horrified at Bob McDonnell.

    While some Virginia leaders are urging the federal government to slow down or even reconsider drilling offshore after a fatal accident off the Gulf coast, Gov. Bob McDonnell will fly to Houston Monday to speak at a conference promoting offshore oil and natural gas drilling.

    McDonnell will speak about “Jobs and the Economy: How the Energy Industry is Creating Jobs, Leading the Economy and Impacting Consumers” at the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference

    At the absolute minimum, this shows a tin ear for politics. This guy seriously has national ambitions?  Sorry, but he’s not even close to being ready for prime time.


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