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Who’s the Real Fiscal Conservative?


Let’s review.

President George W. Bush championed the passage of nearly $2,000,000,000,000 in tax cuts for rich with not a single dollar in spending cuts to offset the lost revenue. The entire amount is borrowed from our children & grandchildren, who’ll be left to pay the interest & deal with the tab.

He was the standard bearer of a party that purports to represent fiscal conservatism.

President Barack Obama championed the passage of a health insurance reform package. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the legislation will cut the deficit by $130 billion in its first 10 years and an incredible $1.2 trillion in the decade after that.

According to Republicans, he is a fiscally irresponsible socialist.

I have no idea why voters still don’t trust Republicans. Do you?

  • TomPaine

    however,all his compassion was directed to the rich!

  • Passed in 2003 by a Republican Congress and signed into law by a Republican president (Bush) at a net cost of $549 billion, not paid for of course.  That’s “fiscal conservative,” Republican style (it’s also corporate welfare, big time).

    • normanva

      and don’t forget the Iraq war where bush and cheney gave money to all their corporate friends with NO accountability at all.

  • jack

    When the top quintile is paying 65% of the taxes, and the top two are paying 83%, it’s almost impossible to put in a tax cut that will not see most of the money returned to those who pay the taxes, even when the rest see a larger percentage reduction of their taxes.

  • jack

    The deficit cuts will come from reduced payments to Medicare and Medicaid providers, and more taxes.