Election Results Open Thread


    Please use this as an open thread to discuss tonight’s elections.  Daily Kos recommends the following sources for results, and I see no reason to argue.

    Arkansas: here.

    Kentucky: here.

    Pennsylvania: here.

    House special in PA-12: here.

    So far, in Kentucky, it looks like wingnut/tea partier Rand Paul has crushed Mitch McConnell’s favored Republican candidate, Trey Grayson. All I have to say to that is, “hahahahahahaha.” 🙂

    In the Kentucky Democratic primary, it looks like the better Democrat, Jack Conway, is defeating Daniel Mongiardo.  Also good news.

    In Pennsylvania right now (9:01 pm), Arlen Specter is leading Joe Sestak 58.5%-41.5% with just 6.2% of precincts reporting. Way too early to say much about this one. By the way, go Joe! 🙂

    UPDATE 9:18 pm: With 17.5% of the vote counted in Pennsylvania, Specter’s lead is down to 53.1%-46.9%. In Kentucky, with 85.8% of the precincts reporting, it’s Conway 45.2%-Mongiardo 42.4% on the Democratic side, and Paul 59.2%-Grayson 35.3% on the Republican side.

    UPDATE 9:45 pm: With 94.5% reporting, Conway leads Mongiardo 44.6%-43.0% in Kentucky.

    With 35.9% in, Sestak leads Specter 50.1%-49.9%.

    UPDATE 9:52 pm: Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report tweets, “#PASEN running down the list county-by-county, it’s becoming clearer and clearer Specter has no hope of pulling this out.”  Also, in other good news, “#PA12 So far Critz winning 52-43% in Burns’s home base of Washington Co. Not encouraging for @nrcc so far.”

    UPDATE 10:03 pm: Kos tweets, “Knock on wood, but it’s looking like a great night for Dems. The intensity gap may be history.” Let’s hope! Also, Dave Wasserman tweets, “#PA12 @dccc does it again? Critz could end up winning by a substantial margin.”

    UPDATE 10:06 pm: Excellent news from KY, the AP calls it for Jack Conway! Even better, Conway received 20,000 more votes than Rand Paul, and Democratic turnout was nearly 200,000 higher than Republican turnout.  Exxxxxcellent!

    UPDATE 10:08 pm: It looks like Sestak is going to be the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania. Right now, he’s leading 53.3%-46.7% and his lead is growing, with 61% of precincts reporting. Also, Democratic turnout in PA is far higher – about 200,000 votes – than Republican turnout. This is turning into a great night for the “blue team!”

    UPDATE 10:17 pm: Critz won easily, Sestak beat Specter, Conway beat Mongiardo, not sure about Blanche Lincoln vs. Bill Halter yet. All in all, a superb night for the Democrats.  I’m going to bed with a smile on my face!

    UPDATE Wednesday morning: Halter-Lincoln headed for a recount. A major victory for Dem’s in PA-12, and a major defeat for the worthless NRCC and its vile, gay-bashing spokesman, Andy Sere.

    UPDATE #2 Wednesday morning:  This will make you laugh!

    UPDATE: The ad that destroyed Arlen Specter, showing him to be completely fake, inauthentic, self-serving, snide, slimy, pretty much everything people don’t like in politicians. Utterly devastating.

    • Teddy Goodson

      Democrats are turning out in their primaries. Too early to tell, but some are calling Kentucky for the non-establishment Conway, but both Democrats exceed the numbers voting for the Tea Party Paul. Guess Arkansas is too early to call, it’s a different time zone, but turnout does look good for Democrats. I’ll have to find out tomorrow, I’m, uh, bushed.

    • I am thrilled to pieces about the 12th District House race in PA!!  That’s my husband’s old home district, and between the aging of the urban population, the decline of labor unions in the region, and redistricting to bring in more and more traditionally conservative areas, I’ve despaired for years about what was likely to happen once Murtha died or retired.  That the victory was so strong for Dems is excellent, excellent news!!

      My family in PA split their vote between Sestak and Specter, which is very rare.  (In my family, the only two subjects we generally agree on are politics and religion…)  So I can personally attest how close it was.  I have very little negative to say about Specter, but Sestak’s win tells me that he can win in Western PA (absolutely necessary for any Philly Pol) and that people are genuinely excited about his candidacy.

      Honestly, the news couldn’t be any better tonight, as far as I’m concerned!

    • libra

      is also Rendell’s loss. I think the “plan” was Specter gets another term (or Toomey gets a term), then totters off an lets Rendell take over, once Rendell’s term as gov is done. If Sestak wins against Toomey (and he has a better chance than Specter had), he’ll be hard to dislodge, for years and years. And that’s assuming that PA Dems would approve of Rendell’s primary challenge and reward him with nomination.

      In Kentucky… Does Conway have a chance, in general elections, against Randy (in your eye!) Paul? All Paul’s father’s disappointed (presidential ’08) admirers are going to do their damnedest to pull him over the finish line. Not that I have any real hopes for capturing a Senate seat in Kentucky, but…

      In Arkansas… Last I saw, Lincoln was on top, but still below the “magic line” of 50%. If she doesn’t cross it, Halter gets a second chance, in the runoff.