“John McCain Declares War On The Fifth Amendment”


    I wholeheartedly agree with libertarian Doug Mataconis on this subject.

    Only hours after Faisal Shahzad was taken in to custody at Kennedy Airport, John McCain was on the air suggesting we deny him his civil liberties.


    That sound you hear is the Constitution of the United States being run through a shredder.

    Remember, the suspect in this case is an American citizen. As one commenter at Doug’s blog writes:

    So let’s see if I’ve got this right:

    -If you’re not a citizen, you have no rights.

    If you’re a citizen, you have rights, but only when the government says you do.

    Apparently, this is the Republican vision for America. That, and witch hunts against scientists. Scary.

    • fuzed

      Skin color => rights granted

    • Peter 2010

      John McCain’s 2010 primary campaign has exposed him as a sad, pathetic, hollow shell of his former self. He is willing to sell out any principle and say anything that comes into his head at any given moment to hang on to power. John: it’s time to retire to one of those (8?) homes of yours.  

    • When I see John McCain these days (which is frequently, as there are so many clips from Sunday morning talk shows to go through) I’m constantly remembering IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE’s Mr. Potter.  “I might be a warped frustrated old man…”

      Yes.  Yes you are.

    • jack

      The man is a US citizen, and, like it or not, he has all the rights of any other US citizen.  Like it or not, there IS a chance that this man is being framed.  We, as a nation, have chosen that sometimes the guilty will go free so that fewer innocents will be wrongly imprisoned.