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Ken Cuccinelli: Boobs, Bad. Confederacy, Good.


Every time you think that Virginia Attorney General Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli has jumped the shark, he climbs on board another shark and jumps over a row of even more sharks jumping over yet more sharks. Whether it’s suing the federal government to defend Virginians’ right not to have health care, suing the government to defend our right to destroy the planet, denying the science of climate change, talking to his toy elephant (appropriately named “Ron”), speaking at a conference o’ crazies, claiming that gay sex is “a detriment to our culture”, defending anti-“sodomy” laws, flirting with “birtherism”, claiming that the government is tracking his kids via Social Security numbers, or fighting for “states rights”, the guy’s completely off the deep end.  He’s also deeply embarrassing the Commonwealth of Virginia, turning us into a national laughingstock, a full employment act for grateful comedians across America.

Now, Cooch has struck again, with what NLS is calling “Boob-Gate” – covering a prominent piece of naked female anatomy on the state seal, a la John Ashcroft. But wait, it gets even worse!

A few observant readers noted that Cuccinelli’s rendition appears to be strikingly similar to the seal design on a version of the Virginia flag used in the early 1860s around the time the state seceded from the Union, according to this Web site.

And, as NLS points out, “I probably don’t need to remind anyone that The Cooch distributed this to his staff in Confederate History Month either.”  Apparently, in Ken Kookinelli’s krazy world, boobs are bad and the Confederacy is good. Sharks over sharks over sharks over…

UPDATE: A couple of comments from Facebook.

Former Del. Kris Amundsen: “Maybe the Daily Show should just put Cooch on retainer since he now writes so much of their material for them.”

Sen. Donald McEachin: “The Pilot reports that the State Seal that Cuccinelli is using comes from Virginia’s seal at the time Virginia left the Union. Hmmm…did Cuccinelli really distribute a Virginia Confederate era seal during Confederate History month…your comments are invited.”

UPDATE #2: NLS has more.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    And yet they say there is no racism behind the extremist wing of the GOP…This isn’t 1950. This man is an absolute disgrace to the office to which far too many misguided Virginians elected him.

    It is far past the time when Bob McDonnell should show some leadership and rein in this buffoon.

  • hereinva

    Good thing “Cucci” cleaned up “Virtue”. He is so obsessed with nudes  that it was apparently a distraction to his work..of?.of?..of?… what DOES he do besides waste time and taxpayer money on grandstanding.