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Maddow Talks About “Typing Error” and Its Effect on Stock Market’s Erratic Behavior


This discussion explores the Stock Market’s erratic behavior Thursday (yesterday).  It apparently occurred because of a typing error.

Update: Though there will be an investigation, it is now believed that automatic trade programs underlie the problematic erratic behavior.

  • totallynext

    but a “cyber attack”………

    they are saying it is a typing error – because people are freaked.

  • Teddy Goodson

    also, so much for the efficiency of markets;

    also, so much for the free market theory which says that everyone buys and sells to maximize their own best interest (i.e., profits), and no allowance is made in that theory for emotion or imperfect knowlege.

    When will the Conventional Wisdom wake up to the fact that the Free Market Theories of Friedman are outdated, and we must not continue to make decisions based on them? I don’t expect the Republicans to change their minds, but certainly the Democrats can do so, based on the real world experiments in Free Markets which have turned out to be such disasters, over and over.

  • hereinva

    Its not a person..its a computer server running “insta-trade” programs. I want to know who placed the mega

    P&G trade that supposedly triggered the wild ride.

    The other question is..with a meltdown happening at the speed of light…does the SEC have the tech cred. to apply responsive circuit breakers..