Pay Them More, Make It 100% Transparent


    Let’s face it, the entire system for compensating Virginia General Assembly members if FUBAR.  First of all, it’s utterly absurd that House of Delegates members only receive $17,000 a year, and that Senators get only $18,000 a year, for their time and effort. Even if you throw in the $15,000 Ryan Nobles talks about in this story, it’s still only $32,000 or $33,000 a year.  How about we increase General Assembly members salaries while making it all completely transparent?  And when I say “transparent,” I also mean all the gifts and donations that come from special interests, corporations, lobbyists, etc.  As for this tiny $15,000, just tack it on to their salaries, make it 100% transparent (no more “wink wink”, to quote Paul Goldman), and be done with it.

    h/t: NLS

    • kindler

      The current system is designed to favor the rich — Delegates and Senators who don’t need another income.  No wonder we get results that (shocker!) favor the wealthy and privileged.

    • Teddy Goodson

      When was the last time the members of the Assembly received a pay raise, by the way? I have been told that the whole idea of limited-time for sessions was a great Virginia invention, because the legislators spent only a few weeks in session it was a part-time job, and they therefore not only did not have to be paid so much, but they also had their own professions and jobs to which they would return after close of session—- and be subject to the laws they passed. It is true that we do have a wide, wide variety of professions and jobs represented in our Assembly, and very, very few of them are what could be called “professional politician,” as is true in other states as well as nationally.

      But this job is hardly part-time. Not only are there veto sessions and special sessions called by the Governor, but there are unending boards, study commissions, and investigations that go on between sessions. A conscientious legislator is always studying something political and can hardly be called a part-time Delegate or Senator.

      It is way past time to hike their salaries (but not so much they turn into those irritating animals called “professional, full-time politicians”). And, yes, we could do with a lot more transparency, fully enforced, when it comes to other sources of income that drop on legislators like manna from heaven, but are definitely not from heaven.