Pay Them More, Make It 100% Transparent


    Let’s face it, the entire system for compensating Virginia General Assembly members if FUBAR.  First of all, it’s utterly absurd that House of Delegates members only receive $17,000 a year, and that Senators get only $18,000 a year, for their time and effort. Even if you throw in the $15,000 Ryan Nobles talks about in this story, it’s still only $32,000 or $33,000 a year.  How about we increase General Assembly members salaries while making it all completely transparent?  And when I say “transparent,” I also mean all the gifts and donations that come from special interests, corporations, lobbyists, etc.  As for this tiny $15,000, just tack it on to their salaries, make it 100% transparent (no more “wink wink”, to quote Paul Goldman), and be done with it.

    h/t: NLS


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