• Teddy Goodson

    may you live in” (the old Chinese curse) sure does describe Obama’s Presidency. It’s a good thing he can multi-task so well. One can only hope he has the stamina to keep up the pace. Every day a new disaster or near-disaster, or expensive crisis that demands immediate, mature and unflappable response, and an explanation for why he didn’t foresee the problem and dispose of it the day he took office.

    I cannot even remember all the flaps and crunches: Wall Street meltdown, Great Recession, millions out of work, housing bankruptcy tsunami, Bailout redux, GM-Chrysler bankruptcy, Afghanistan strategy and Mrja campaign, European meltdown, growing commercial real estate bankruptcies, Chinese buying all the oil contracts even in Canada, California bankruptcy, Iraq election violence,Christmas bomber, Jaoto earthquake, Chile earthquake, genocide in Sudan, BP Horizon oil spill, Times Square bomber, help me here, there’s more…. future historians will run out of ink and paper trying to fit it all in.