Rand Paul Steps in It Again (Suggests Obama is “unAmerican”)


    Rand Paul is the political gift that keeps on giving.  Rand may be an effete country club snob and a doctor, but he is also an idiot. He says Obama’s remarks about BP sound “un-American.”  Apparently, Rand Paul doesn’t know the BP acronym is for British Petroleum.  

    What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, you know, “I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP.” I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business. I’ve heard nothing from BP about not paying for the spill. And I think it’s part of this sort of blame game society in the sense that it’s always got to be someone’s fault. Instead of the fact that maybe sometimes accidents happen. I mean, we had a mining accident that was very tragic and I’ve met a lot of these miners and their families. They’re very brave people to do a dangerous job. But then we come in and it’s always someone’s fault. Maybe sometimes accidents happen.

    Aside from the outrageous statement that the president sounds “un-American,” Randy doesn’t get that the president is doing his job, which is to administer the government, which legitimately must balance the competing demands of citizens v. industry, citizens v government, and citizens v citizens.  Randy furthermore is so tone-deaf that he rips the President who must assure Americans that this company is held to account for its degradation of our coasts.

    As 19% of our nations’ fishing and seafood businesses are destroyed by, their rebranding of “Beyond Petroleum” notwithstanding, a British multinational conglomerate, Rand Paul focuses on the big guy and not all the small businesses hurting.  The massive spill amounts to real harm to real people and businesses.  Should the damage spread up the Eastern seabord, the damage to natural resources, business large and small –and to people– would be unspeakable.

    Of course, when you believe big corporations should get to do whatever they want, any statement by Obama appears to the warped Randy like the wrong thing to say.  And that is why Barack Obama is president and Rand Paul is not. It’s just another reason why Rand Paul should be routed from his Senate run this November.  

    • Pain

      …many of us thought the media love affair with Rand was becoming obnoxious.  Now, I’m rather enjoying the show.

      I’m looking forward to hearing more of his wisdom in the coming days.

    • VADEM

      gift that keeps on giving.

      Break out the popcorn, this is gonna be fun.

      Except for the fact that he could win.

    • it’s letting a multinational corporation destroy the U.S. Gulf Coast’s economy and environment.

    • TomPaine

      is much more than merely accidental!

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Poor BP. It was just an “accident” that they did not test the cutoff valve that didn’t work. It was just an “accident” that they had no plan for action in case of a spill. It was just an “accident” they they understated the extent of the oil spill until they couldn’t do it anymore.

      However, I don’t believe it will be “accidental” when they – like Exxon before them – keeps enough lawyers on payroll to drag out court challenges until they bleed those who have lost income and livelihoods of the money to sue them.

    • Teddy Goodson

      perfectly well that BP is a British Corporation. Listen to what he really means when he says

      I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.

      He is actually saying that criticizing business is un-American. That tells me he believes that government exists only to comfort and assist business. Forget about people, or other, perhaps smaller businesses, just be “good for ‘Business,’ little Mr. American President,” and don’t even think of criticising your masters.

      This is the basic philosophy of modern day Republicanism, and reflects the idea that government is an annoyance which should be reduced to nothing more than an administrative function as a handmaiden of business. This is the libertarian Nirvana. Everything is taken care of by the mysterious hand of the sacred Market. The hell with people.

    • kindler

      …is a classic line that we deserve to hear repeated many times in many Democratic commercials, ideally being repeated as footage of the spill unfolds across the screen.

      Then you can end with a tag line like “Republican control of Congress?  This is one mistake that we can’t allow to happen.”

      Hey, thanks Rand!

    • Pain

      Just saw David Gregory on Channel 4 news talking about MTP for Sunday.  He said Rand cancelled his appearance because….he’s tired.

      I think Mitch and company are preparing an intervention ala Sarah Palin pre-debate before they let this guy back in front of a camera.

    • Brian

      Its like his comments against Civil Rights Act of 1964, was the first chapter, the second-cliffhanger chapter, was Mitch McConnell, who worked on Senator John Cooper’s staff, who organized the votes to end the filibuster against the Civil Rights bill, and his comments, about Paul’s comments. Now the third chapter is where it really starts to get good,you’re sucked into the drama unfolding, you just can’t look away as it becomes more apparent the Rand Paul Express is a train crash in the making, the third chapter is where he tells us he’s also against people with disabilities getting hired.

      People say this is the 1994 midterm election all over again, and the Republicans are going to rise up and win the election in a landslide, they would be called wishful thinkers.

      Here’s the train wreck-er candidate and link in action.http://thinkprogress.org/2010/05/17/rand-paul-ada/