Perfect Pitch: Joe Sestak Should Give Framing Lessons


    The above video is an excellent example of how Sestak frames his (and our) message.  Despite ample evidence that Joe is more than up to the task of flattening opponent Pat Toomey’s case, Toomey keeps setting himself up.  Toomey, the Club-for-Growther running against US Rep. Joe Sestak keeps laying the groundwork for Sestak’s first-rate comebacks.  Here’s the video of Sestak’s response to Toomey’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Sestak take a vacation.

    What a great foil Toomey is!  He’s a Congressman too, but besides his drown government in the bathtub shtick, all he’s got is that he’s running as an “outsider” (Tsk). It’s getting to be fun listening to Sestak carefully put Toomey away in the campaign back-and-forth.  And the question is: Why can’t other Dems do this?  

    For now, it’s a pleasure to hear Sestak perfectly make the Dems’ case. He’s delightfully effective and quick with his responses(slow-talkers drive me daffy–time is a resource and there’s precious little of it to make that sound-bite). But give Sestak more than a sound bite and he is spectacular. This is the kind of framing we have been waiting for.

    I urge you to stay engaged with the Sestak campaign.  Here is his congressional home page. Here are some of his positions. It’ll give you that little thing called hope, for real.


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