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Steve Shannon: Cooch “reckless, uninterested in good government…”


Whyohwhyohwhyohwhy couldn’t the good people of Virginia have at least elected Steve Shannon instead of Ken KOOKinelli as Attorney General last November?  Here is Steve’s spot-on evaluation of Crazy Cooch’s first 100 days in office.

“He’s trying to build political power by publicly making Virginia hostile to the government of the United States,” said former state Del. Steve Shannon, a Fairfax County Democrat who was soundly defeated by Cuccinelli last November in the election for attorney general.

“At 100 days, he’s proven to be reckless, uninterested in good government and seems to be running for president of Virginia’s far right. Other than that, what’s not to like?”

Sadly, this is all too true. On the other hand, Cooch has provided a serious economic boost to one sector of our nation’s economy – comedians – by making Virginia the laughingstock of the nation. The only problem is, the joke’s on us. 🙁

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    This state, which gave the nation the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, now seems like a caricature of itself, thanks to people like Cuccinelli.

    What a sad day when the disastrous campaign of Creigh Deeds resulted in the election of this dangerous buffoon we have for attorney general.

    Oh, well, I really like the Daily Show, and Virginia is sure to be fodder for it as long as McDonnell doesn’t have the sense to call Cuccinelli in and order him to stop this garbage.

    Perhaps some people I have heard talking are right. This “I’m moderate. See…Cuccinelli is the crazy far-rightie,” is the game the governor is playing. What better way to seem middle-of-the-road than to have the clone of John C. Calhoun as AJ.

  • fuzed

    gets by on handshakes, backslaps, culturally white vocabulary , and looks.

    lets face it, he’s probably of the grover norquist zombie:  must make bad government to make the case for killing it.  Why don’t these people move to a libertarian heaven like Sudan or Haiti (whoops haiti had a bailout, so nevermind.)

  • Teddy Goodson

    If Tea Party types across the land manage to put their hard reactionary minions into place in crucial posts (some in Republican Party leadership, some in elected public office) Cuccinelli’s bizarre behavior may become the new mainstream, at least according to Fox.

    They have the enthusiasm, the bitter determination, and the funds (from corporate sponsors, but laundered beyond tracing). Let’s see: desire, opportunity, and money. What more do they need? No one in their own Republican Party will stand against them (see Crist, FL)…. all that stands against them is a thin Blue line which needs bolstering and absolutely must turn out 100 percent for this fall’s elections in order to nip this sedition in the bud.

  • totallynext

    Virginia is not listed as a recall state because its process, while requiring citizen petitions, allows a recall trial rather than an election.  

  • leedynamo

    That is the simple answer why Steve lost.  Obviously, my advice would be to turn the Party over to the activists.  I will say that I like what I have seen of Dave Mills.  He made a positive impression on me.