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Support Crumbling for Offshore Oil Drilling in Virginia?


I don’t know much about this polling outfit, but the results are intriguing.

PUBLIC SUPPORT for offshore drilling in Virginia has dropped significantly in the wake of the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster, an Inside Business poll has found.

In April, research firm Issues and Answers Inc. polled 200 people, who were asked, “Do you support the opening of the East Coast, specifically Virginia’s coastline, to offshore drilling?”

At that time, 62.58 percent replied yes.

On May 2, another 200 people were polled and asked the same question.

This time, only 38.5 percent said yes.

“It’s not surprising at all, given what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach, a big proponent of off-shore oil drilling…”

Well no, Sen. Wagner, these shouldn’t be surprising poll results, “given what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico.” The question is whether this apparent decline in support for oil drilling off Virginia’s coast continues, or if it rebounds once the Gulf of Mexico disaster is history. Of course, given the ecological and economic damage it looks like the Gulf oil spill could cause, it could be many years before it’s truly “history.”

  • VA Blogger

    Support for offshore drilling may or may not be crumbling; I’m not going to say its still popular without knowing, but this poll doesn’t shed light in either direction.

    The “survey”, by a firm no one has heard of, was of 200 people in Hampton Roads. No clue on how the people were chosen (whether it was random or not) or who exactly was asked (adults, voters, those in the industry, etc.), or even how they responded. If this was done over the Internet, then its practically meaningless.