Virgil Goode To Run As Constitution Party Candidate?


    Well, well, well, isn’t this interesting?

    Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode has reportedly joined the far right Constitution Party, a surprising move that could presage an unconventional bid for a comeback.

    Goode lost narrowly in 2008 to Thomas Perriello, marking one of the most dramatic ideological shifts in the Congress, and this move can spur “speculation that he might run for his old congressional seat in 2010 or for president in 2012,” according to the Independent Political Report, which reported the move.

    One of Goode’s main issues is, as he puts it, “[supporting] the state of Arizona as they fight against the invasion by illegal aliens.”  Apparently, the Republican Party isn’t crazy and extreme enough on this issue (or any other) for ol’ Virgil. Whatever.

    Anyway, let’s just hope that Goode runs for Congress this year, handing Tom Perriello an almost certain path to (easy) reelection. Of course, Goode could also run in 2012 for President, helping to hand Barack Obama an easier path to reelection as President. Either way, all I can say is “Go Virgil!” 🙂

    • NotJohnSMosby

      I mean, I know the 5th is pretty conservative but this guy was an elected Dem into the late 90s.  He must have either been biting his lip the whole time he was a Dem or lost his marbles completely in the past decade.

    • Teddy Goodson

      Any thoughts that some of the more extreme Tea Partyers might move there instead of trying to work though the Republican system?  

    • DCCyclone

      Goode would have no more influence on the 2012 race than Bob Barr had in 2008.  Remember Barr didn’t even reach 1% in his home state of Georgia, where he was a Congressman.  You can’t make a dent in a Presidential election without enough money and/or other schemes to get some real visibility outside the world of blog readers and other political junkies.  Goode, like Barr, won’t be able to do it.

      But this fall, yeah, were Goode to run, he’d make a dent simply because he was the Congressman in VA-05 just a couple years ago.

      But I wouldn’t count on Goode sabotaging his own ideological kin, which the southern Virginia GOP still sufficiently are, and handing Perriello reelection on a silver platter.  After all, if he has an axe to grind at all, it’s toward Perriello, not toward Republicans.  Oh, and reinforcing the point is that I believe I read awhile back that Goode did fundraisers for the Republican contenders in VA-05, including Hurt.

    • libra

      and good luck, Bigot Goode.

      Anyone still remember the “bigot” — in letters precisely matching his own sign — that had been painted on his Ch-ville office?

      He seems to be going through party affiliations as fast as Vitter’s going though Depends…