Home Energy and Environment Barack Obama: “A Full and Vigorous Accounting of the BP Oil Spill”

Barack Obama: “A Full and Vigorous Accounting of the BP Oil Spill”


This is good, now let’s hear a clear, compelling, powerful moral narrative about the policies that led to this disaster, how this situation stemmed directly from our addiction to fossil fuels (and our failure to kick that addiction), how the power of corporations vis-a-vis government oversight and regulation is completely out of whack (in favor of the “robber barons”), and how we need to move forward to a completely different energy economy.

I’d also love to hear that, in addition to the moratorium on “new” offshore oil drilling, that current oil rigs will not be allowed to operate unless and until they can prove that they truly have “fail safe” methods to deal with any contingencies and to prevent a future catastrophe like this one. I’d give the oil companies 60 days to present their plans to the federal government. If acceptable, they can continue drilling. If not, they should be shut down until they prove they have satisfied the stringent requirements to drill in our waters. Period.

Unfortunately, to date, I haven’t heard either the compelling moral narrative or the tough, new conditions for offshore oil drilling.  The question is, why not?

  • Teddy Goodson
  • Teddy Goodson

    of Florida will say what President Obama feels he cannot (it might be “pre-judgmental” at this time, with the commissions in the offing). Grayson not only is from one of the potentially harmed states, but he has shown a great progressive tongue in his head, and a willingness to say the supposedly unsayable truth, which drives Republicans nuts.

    Let’s hear what you, Mr. Congressman, think of the Republican de-regulation, of Republican crony capitalism, of the Republican practice of appointing automatically corrupt regulators who are in the pockets of the industry they supposedly regulate. Let’s hear about the Wrecking Crew that shows up whenever Republicans, who despise government, are voted in to supposedly run the government. Let’s remind voters of what went on in the recent past, before they go to the polls this November.

    On the other hand, maybe President Obama hopes exactly that truth will come out of the non-partisan commission. I am not so hopeful, since I think we’ll get a lot of  technobabble with some reforms which will be watered down by Congress. Therefore, I want Grayson  (or somebody with a good speaking voice) to let ‘er rip.