Freak Floods? Or The New Normal?


    Just weeks after flooding in Tennessee, Kentucky & Mississippi killed at least 31 people, floods in Arkansas killed at least 20 people this week. And today, parts of Oklahoma City have gotten over 9 inches of rain. An Oklahoma City official told CNN, “Areas are flooding that have never flooded before.”

    Should we keep calling these “freak floods” or “extreme weather”? Or, given that these kinds of severe storms are exactly what climate scientists have been predicting as a consequence of global warming, do we have to re-adjust what we consider “normal”?

    As Brad Johnson tweeted, welcome to the Anthropocene.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Watch the free market forces move those 100, 300, and 500 year flood zones based upon solid math and science and when the insurance bill comes, let’s see how denying reality affects rates and coverage.

    • Is that many of the regions vehemently opposed to capping CO2 and being played by API and all of Koch Industries astro-turfing efforts via Freedom Works, CATO and all the other organizations funded from Koch, are many of the same regions that will be hit the hardest from major changes to our climate.  

    • NotJohnSMosby

      will allow a little Federal usurption of their god-granted 10th Amendment freedoms when it comes to money to help build dykes and levies.  

      New Republican Mantra “No Federal Government (Unless We Decide We Need The Money)”