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I Know, I Should Stop Trying To Make Sense Of The Media, But …


Just a question that’s been nagging me.

Why does the media treat people who think NASA is conspiring to falsify temperature data with any more credibility than they treat people who think NASA conspired to falsify the moon landings? Why is one valid and the other crackpot?

Meanwhile, DC is on pace to shatter its June temperature record. June has been so hot, it’s actually 0.3 degrees hotter than a typical July.

But hey, I suppose there are more important questions to consider. Like, what are Elena Kagan’s views on porn? That’ll be sure to get a lot more click-throughs than a stupid science story!

  • Anyone from the “mainstream” media care to lower yourselves by coming on a – gasp! – blog and responding? [cue sound of crickets chirping]

  • 1. Reporters and editors are generalists, with almost no particular knowledge of science, energy, environment, or almost any subject really.  They also apparently have no interest in taking the time to learn.

    2. They have to bend over double-backwards to prove they are “balanced,” and of course not “liberal” (gasp!!!).

    3. The “freak show” grabs “eyeballs” – hence advertising $$$ – to their newspapers, tee-vee shows, etc.

  • jsrutstein

    On the topic of climate change, it’s particularly difficult to produce good journalism, which I define as both accurate and persuasive to the point of precluding giving equal weight to the contrary view as a matter of course.  Moreover, it doesn’t help when the more truthful side overreaches in its claims.  This – http://www.slate.com/id/2258088/ – is a fascinating article from slate.com about the shoddy social science conducted by hard scientists to counter the hard scientists on the other side.  The article also describes the Obama Administration in joining in this ultimately counterproductive exercise, but I’ll leave my “politician’s advocate” rant for another day.

  • libra

    is seriously ill, due to heat exhaustion and dehydration but, of course, it’s just his old age, not any climate crisis…